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    Random But Custom Made Power Rangers Images

    Hi everyone. I thought I share you guys some of my custom made images related to Power Rangers. I would have split them into different topics but given how inactive the forum has been since the days of Rangertalk, I decided to compile them all in one thread instead.

    To get started, had she stuck around past Mighty Morphin', here are my custom made morph sequences of Kimberly morphing into Zeo Ranger 1 Pink. Some of the images are a bit out of order given the way the image's upload feature is structured. I hadn't seen anyone made anything like this so I thought I try my hands on it.
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    As much of a fan I am when it comes to Time Force, I randomly thought of a ranger color swap, in this case being the power couple of Wes and Jen.
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    Custom Made VR Troopers Morph Sequence Using Fanfic Cast

    While not Power Rangers related, I've been working on this reboot fanfic for some time. Below is a custom still framed image of the VR Troopers morph sequence based on my fancast.
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    Kimberly's Pink Dino Thunder Morph

    Here is my attempt of Kimberly's Dino Thunder Morph had there been a Pink Ranger in that season.
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