***DISCLAIMER*** Hello everyone. Yes, I know I have one project started and I will go back to it periodically. I'm not going to leave you high and dry on Power Rangers: Last Guardians since I have already made the openings for them and it took me forever to do so. This is something I have been working on off and on. I started writing something similar to this over at Wattpad but I'm changing it a bit. Maybe one day, I'll have an intro to this, or maybe I won't. There is a theme I'd like to use and it's this:

***DISCLAIMER*** This fan fiction is based around the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, along with some other stuff. This fan fiction is Rated R due to language, sexuality, sexual references, and violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Over 25,000 years ago, there was a vast and powerful land named Soloris. Soloris was a huge land full of wonder and many creatures. Within this land there were the gods and goddesses protecting the land know as the Solarians. The Solarians lived among the people of Soloris. The common folk were called Solatians. The Solatians were a group of friendly people. The Solarians looked with favorite on them. They all lived in peace until one day, out of no where, a dark evil creature emerged. She started terrorizing the Solatians. The Solarians used their magic to seal away the evil creature. A young warrior, known as The Light Bearer, helped seal this evil creature away.

The Solarians and Solatians worked together in creating vast machinery in order to stop the dark creature if she would return. They worked hard and long hours. The Solarians used their magic to bring the machinery to live. For many years, the machinery have protected when the seal was broken and the dark creature was freed. But, it was not over. 24,000 years into the future, the dark creature was freed once more and had an evil plan. She took control over the machinery and filled the land of monsters and creatures of all different shapes and sizes.

Solarians along with Solatians tried to seal the darkness. One of the Solatians was a young man. He was an ancestor to The Light Bearer but he was yet too young and too weak to defeat the evil creature. One of the younger Solarians used his powers and froze time but it was too late, for the evil darkness had too aim at the young boy and killed him. The young Solarian used his magic again and revived him and took him away from the land of Soloris. The young man's memory was wiped clean and he never remembered his time in Soloris or he never remembered that he was the Light Bearer.

"How's that?" a young man asked turning to his friend who was listening to every word.

"Sounds a bit like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," the young man said, "and it sounds similar, in a way, to my story. You know I woke up in a hospital, not knowing who I am or how I got there and lost all my memories."

"I'm sorry," the young man said, "I based the memory part on your story. I hope you don't mind."

"I don't mind at all," the young man said, "but if this goes public, I want royalties."

"Sure," the other young man said, laughing, "You can have royalties. Now, how about you try my game out?"

"I don't know," the young man said, "I'm not really that good at RPG games like this. In fact, I'm not good at much of anything."

"Oh don't say that Zeek," the young man said, "You have to be more confident in yourself."

Zeek, full first name, Ezekiel, was a young college student who got bullied around a lot. The only friend he had was a girl, who wasn't much of a friend, but it was all he got. Zeek was 24 and had a baby face to him. He had black hair and had a beautiful smile.


Gaku Oshida as Ezekiel

"Alright, Dr. Bright," Zeek said, "I'll give it a try."

Dr. Bright was much older than Earth and he was a genius. He had been developing the game for many years now and finally finished it. His student Ezekiel was perfect for the job and the two of them became so close Dr. Bright called Ezekiel by his nickname. Strangely for an attractive guy, he had never married or bore children.


Johnny Yong Bosch as Dr. Bright

"Just sit in the chair and put on the RPG helmet," Dr. Bright said.

"Will this hurt?" Zeek asked, sitting up in the chair.

"No," Dr. Bright said, "Just follow the directions that the RPG helmet gives you."

"Simple enough," Zeek said, putting on the visor.

When he put the helmet on, he noticed a small pinch and screeched.

"OUCH!" Zeek shouted, "You said this wouldn't hurt!"

"I lied a little," Br. Bright said, "The RPG Visor takes a bit of tissue close to your brain for full affect of the game. Sorry."

"Whatever," Zeek said, rolling his eyes.

"Welcome, Ezekiel," a computer voice said.

"How the hell does it know my name?" Zeek asked, getting a little worried.

"Remember, it just took a sample of your tissue," Dr. Bright explained.

"Oh right," Zeek said.

"Ezekiel," the voice said, "Would you mind touching all the parts of your body indicated on the screen in front of you?"

"What screen?" Zeek asked, since there was no screen in front of him.

Just then, his eyes started to see an image of himself. He was amazed. The voice showed him everywhere he needed to touch. It was weird because the computer asked him to touch everywhere on his body. He felt a little violated but did it anyway.

"Thank you," the computer voice stated, having the image of himself disappear, "Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the game of..."


Zeek didn't know what to expect but then all of a sudden, the room he was in disappeared and it was dark all around. At first Zeek was a bit scared and then he saw glowing dots all around. He then saw them bursting with a bright light. When the light faded, Zeek was standing in the middle of a vast land; the land of Soloris. He could feel the wind at his back. He thought it was great. Just then, he noticed on his hand and wrist, a glove.

"Testing, one, two, three," Dr. Bright's voice called out, "Zeek, can you hear me?"

"Yes, I can here you," Zeek said, looking around for him, "Where are you?"

"I'm still in the lab, same with you," Dr. Blight said, "but right now, your mind is in the game."

Zeek looked around and noticed that he wasn't in the lab anymore. He couldn't even see the lab. All he saw were miles and miles of lands. In one corner, he saw mountains, but the rest he just saw water. He was on an island.

"Welcome to Beginner's Island," Dr. Blight called out, "Here is where everyone will begin and learn how to play the game. It's like a tutorial. On your hand and wrist is your Power Glove. This glove is essential to you because it will store everything you collect, your life meter, your stamina, and with each part of the game, with this glove you can unlock maps for different locations. Right now, just scope out the land. I haven't put the enemies in as of yet."

"This is so cool!" Zeek exclaimed, looking around and seeing a lot of things. He noticed he was on a hill looking over one part of the land. The mountains were in the distance, but he turned and also saw some mountains as well. There was a lake near by and a castle in one corner of the island. He was taking a great view when he noticed something. He wasn't wearing any clothes except for boxers, "Augh!!! What is this? Are you trying to get me to sleep with you or something?"

"I beg your pardon!" Dr. Bright said, "You start at the lowest grade possible. The more armor you get, the more life viles you obtain, the more your strength will increase. So, no, I am not wanting to sleep with you. This is how I designed the game."

"Oh," Zeek said, feeling foolish, "I'm sorry. So many men have abused me in the past. I don't want to get hurt again."

"I understand," Dr. Bright said, sighing, "That is not my attention to hurt you in anyway. I should have explained better with this game. I apologize. Please forgive me."

"No, I am the one who should apologize," Zeek said.

"No need," Dr. Bright said, "Now, over to your left there is a treasure chest. I have given you a key, since it is locked. Keys are scattered throughout the world as well to unlock treasure chests. Some, you don't need treasure chests but the items in it will be less valuable. Also, destroying monsters, some of them have keys. There are three types of keys. The one I'm giving you is a bronze key. It will open bronze treasure chests. Then there are silver keys which, of course will open silver treasure chests. And the third key is gold keys, which will open gold treasure chests. Now, it doesn't matter where you find the key or find the treasure chest. The keys will open each treasure chest according to their color."

"Cool," Zeek said, holding a key and opening up the treasure chest.

Inside, he saw some clothes. It was just a regular pair of pants and a white shirt. He put on the pants and immediately heard a voice.

Strength increased by 1. Now, Zeek, you are at 1 strength.

Zeek put on the shirt and the voice called out again.

Strength increased by 1. Now, Zeek, you are at 2 strength.

"Is that voice going to do that every time I put on clothes or armor?" Zeek said, a little annoyed.

"Yes...um...it is annoying, right?" Dr. Bright said, "I can change that by just having a screen pop up to show you what strength you are at."

"That would be great," Zeek said, noticing that when he put on the shirt, the treasure chest and the key vanished.

"Oh and when you open a treasure chest and remove the contents, the treasure chest along with the key will vanish," Dr. Bright said, "Now over in the distance I have a beginner's sword. Do you see it?"

Zeek looked over and saw a sword sticking out of rock.

"Yes, I see it," Zeek said.

"Good," Dr. Bright said, "Go over and pull it out."

Zeek went over and pulled out the sword. On the glove, it showed what the sword was and how much strength it had. It had a strength of 5. With the sword in hand, he noticed that his overall strength went up to 7.

"Wow!" Zeek exclaimed, "My strength went up to a 7!?"

"Yes," Dr. Bright said, "because you have that sword in hand, it acts as part of your defense."

"I might like this game," Zeek said, smiling.

"It is only a 7," Dr. Bright explained, "In a lot of RPGs the hero has a million strength points...or is that experience points...never mind, just know 7 is not a high number."

"Geez," Zeek said, "Way to make a guy not be happy for a little while."

"I'm sorry," Dr. Bright said, "Now, let's focus back on the game. In front of you, I will upload a wolf."

Blue light appeared and a wolf appeared. Zeek got a little frighten, but tried to stay calm.

"Here is your first test," Dr. Bright said, "You need to defeat this wolf, using your sword."

Zeek tried to swing the sword at the wolf but missed. The wolf attacked Zeek. He felt pain and noticed a health meter popping up going down 50%. He reached to where the wolf attacked him and started rubbing it. He didn't realize that an RPG would hurt.

"Why did that hurt?" Zeek asked, swinging the sword again, but missing at the wolf, "and why did I just lose half of my health?"

"Um..." Dr. Bright said, "Must be a glitch or something. I'm going to try and fix it. In the mean time, try and destroy that wolf."

The wolf went at him again, but this time Zeek dodged his attack and noticed that the wolf started going in slow motion. Zeek used this for his advantage and struck at the wolf multiple times. Soon, the wolf turned into a pile of ash and vanished. In its place was meat, along with a gold coin.

"What that a glitch with the wolf going in slow motion?" Zeek asked.

"No," Dr. Bright said, "You managed to dodge the enemy right before it struck so that gives you an added bonus of going really fast for a few seconds. It's called the Dodger Rush."

"The Dodger Rush? Cool." Zeek said, picking up the coin, "And what is this?"

"That's a Sol," Dr. Bright said, "It's currency there. You can buy things and upgrade your gear, but I didn't program for you to get that so soon. Must be another glitch. Maybe you should come out, so I can fix it. We can try again tomorrow."

"Okay," Zeek said, "How do I exit?"

"There are two ways of exiting the game," Dr. Bright said, "On your Power Glove, you can access the main menu where it will let you exit. Also, you can exit the game after you defeat the game."

"Sounds cool," Zeek said, going on his Power Glove and looking for the main menu button. He found it and there was an exit button. He pushed on that and immediately saw those lights again and saw that he was right back where he started from, in the chair, in the lab.

"I'm sorry that there are so many glitches in this game," Dr. Bright apologized, "I will take a look at it tonight and try and fix all these glitches."

Zeek said good night to Dr. Bright and went on home. He lived alone in an apartment right next to the campus that Dr. Bright was teaching at and the one he goes to school at. He's studying for his masters. Although, Zeek wasn't that good at video games, he was smart. He has a high IQ and just loved science. He was interested in Dr. Bright's video game, only because Dr. Bright is a science teacher but yet also a game programmer. He found that interesting.

Dr. Bright knew that Zeek had a tough life from Zeek always talking to him. Zeek woke up at the age of fifteen in a hospital. He had no memory of his past and couldn't even remember his name. He doesn't even know if Ezekiel is his name. He only chose it because he liked the nickname that came with it; Zeek, which rhymes with meek. Zeek was abused by an older man when he was in an orphanage. The man in charged, abused him, but was sent to jail. This caused Zeek's self esteem to drop and he has always been too afraid to let anyone near him like that again. Granted, Zeek was gay and he wanted a male companion but he was just too afraid to get one.

Zeek got into his apartment and was so tired from today. Not only did he experimented with going into the game for Dr. Bright, but he had a major paper that he had finished the night before and turned that in. Zeek, was smart, but also sometimes he was unorganized. He needed help in that department. He got into the shower and started washing himself. He ended his shower and put on his silk pajamas. They were so comfortable. They were expensive but well worth it. He sat on his bed and turned on his TV. He turned on Netflix and watched a little of SOTUS before drifting off to sleep.

The next day, Zeek was woken up by pounding on the door. It was Zeek's friend...well not much of a friend, but close enough.