Hello everyone. Here I am again to write a good story for you guys. Hopefully, this will be it. This is a mix of a previous story I was working on, The Light Bearer. Plus, it's a story I was working on in Wattpad, with the same name. When I don't have inspiration for a story, I just end it abruptly. Also, when I'm depressed, I go through a thing where I delete stories as well. I'm sorry for that. I really like the idea for this story. Let me warn you that it is a mix between Zelda games, RPG games, and with a bit of BL drama. I am just going to play the theme for my story. Underneath, as you listen, you can see some of the main characters in the story. As the story goes on, I will introduce more people that will play supporting characters but for now, enjoy. AS A DISCLAIMER: This fan fiction is rated R due to violence, language, and sexuality (meaning there will be guys who kiss each other and the subject of sleeping together but nothing in detail). If you are very uncomfortable with that then I suggest not to read it. I apologize in advance and if you want to keep on reading, hope you enjoy it.


(read the characters from top to bottom, left to right)
*I apologize for the size of the pictures. I tried to find the smallest I could find.*

Sing Harit Cheewagaroon as Elijah
Nico Greetham as Fisher

God (yes that's his nickname) Itthipat Thanit as Rak (god of love)
Iñaki Torres as Lakas (god of strength)
Tetsuji Sakakibara as Chie (god of wisdom)
Ludi Lin as Yong Qi (god of courage)
"Wonho" Lee Ho-seok as Jeong Jig (god of honesty)

First Chalongrat Novsamrong as Prince Heart
Ja Phachara Suansri as Prince Dextian

Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat as Max
Lana Parrilla as Queen Anabel
Bird Wanchana Sawasdee as King Solitaire

Robert Carlyle as the Royal Vizier, Draven
Jake T. Austin as Prince Caleb
Hector David Jr. as Prince Jacob

Tsurugi Watanabe as Calf
Harry Shum Jr. as Frosty
Taylor Lautner as the voice of Soarin
Michael Hamm as Trout
Samantha Melanie Coates as Melody
Mild Jinna Pichit-o-Pakun as the voice of Fi
Akaso Eiji as Loner


"Prince Heart," a young man said, bowing down, looking a bit embarrassed, "I'm sorry to intrude on you and Prince Dextian's alone time, but your father, King Solitaire needs to see you and Prince Dextian right away."

"Do you know what for?" Prince Heart asked, while Prince Dextian was covering him up with a bed sheet.

"I'm not sure," the young man said, "but it sounded urgent."

"Thank you, Sir Elijah," Prince Heart said, getting up, and starting to get dressed, "You may tell my father I'll be right there."

"Yes, your majesty, bowing down and taking his leave.

"What could be so urgent that your father had to send his royal guard in on us like that?" Prince Dextian asked, getting dressed as well.

"I'm not sure," Prince Heart said, putting his final garment on, "Whatever it is, it must be urgent. Father never interrupted us before."

Sir Elijah was out with the king, right by his side. He looked so valiant in his armor of gold. The princes Heart and Dexter came out shortly after.

"Your majesty," Prince Dexter said, "what seems to be the matter?"

"Yes, father, what seems to be so urgent?" Prince Heart asked.

"I have spoken with the gods; Rak, Lakas, Chie, Yong Qi, and Jeong Jig and they informed me that my life is about to end soon, and they need me to appoint you, my son, as the new king of Solidarity," the king said.

"But father, why would the gods give you such horrible news like that?" Prince Heart questioned, getting angry with the five gods.

"My son," the king said, "As you know, I, King Solitaire, is getting old and I won't be able to rule no longer. We must prepare as soon as possible."

"Your majesty, may I suggest something?" a man spoke up from the shadows. He had a straggly face and curly golden hair.

"Yes, Draven, you may speak," King Solitaire said, giving the floor to him.

"As your Royal Vizier, might I suggest that we crown young Prince Heart on his upcoming birthday?" Draven suggested, bowing down.

"I think that is a marvelous idea," a woman came into the throne room with two other men, one older than the other.

"Aw, my dear wife, Anabel," King Solitaire stood, "and Prince Jacob and Prince Caleb. How was your trip?"

"It was wonderful, darling," the queen said, kissing her husband on the check and bowing down and kissing his ring, "So what is this I hear of the gods warning you that you are going to die? Is it true?"

"Yes, my dear," King Solitaire said, bowing his head, "but I'm ready."

Queen Anabel walked over by Sir Elijah and looked at him as if she just remembered who he was. Sir Elijah didn't think anything of it and just bowed his head in reverence when she passed. She went up to her thrown and sat down as well. Both Prince Caleb and Prince Jacob stood next to Prince Heart and Prince Dexter.

"So let it be known that on Prince Heart's 23rd birthday, he shall be crowned king," King Solitaire announced.

Everyone in the castle started cheering. Even Prince Caleb and Prince Jacob cheered for their stepbrother.

The Kingdom of Solitaire was very new. The gods appointed a man to be king with his son to be the prince. The gods found the kingdom to respect these two as royalty but the gods as well as Prince Heart noticed that King Solitaire was lonely. Prince Heart prayed to Rak and asked Rak to make his father fall in love. Rak answered his prayer and his father fell in love with a beautiful woman who had two boys of her own. They got married right away and Prince Heart was so pleased with what Rak did for his father and new mother.

Queen Anabel was the sweetest woman that Prince Heart ever knew. She was so kind and loving and treated Prince Heart as her own son, instead of a stepson. Her kids, which became Prince Caleb and Prince Jacob also grew a liking to Prince Heart. Prince Heart had the gentlest soul. He cared for everyone and if one of his subjects did something against the laws of the land, he would forgive them and have them work of their crime, instead of rotting in jail.

But Prince Heart was very lonely himself. Prince Caleb and Prince Jacob noticed this and hooked him up with a fair maiden, but he didn't seem pleased at all. They wanted to find out what the matter was, and Prince Heart opened up to his stepbrothers stating that he felt different and that he didn't like women but liked men. Instead of hating him, Prince Jacob and Prince Caleb noticed that the stable boy had an eye for Prince Heart and hooked them up. It was a match made in heaven and the stable boy ended up proposing to Prince Heart and shortly after they got married.

It was hugely accepted by everyone in Solitaire. Now it was accepted for Prince Heart to finally be crowned and be called King Heart. Sir Elijah was given the task of being a royal guard to Prince Heart. King Solitaire wanted his son to have everything he wanted.

On the night of Prince Heart's birthday, there was a blood moon. A blood moon is an enlarged moon and its red. No one paid any attention to it, but something was off. The five gods hadn't shown up and was nowhere to be found. Usually, the five gods would come down and talk and visit with their people of Solidarity, but they were nowhere to be found. This was very strange.

As the party neared its closing, King Solitaire had Sir Elijah bring out the crown. Everyone stopped partying and the ceremony was about to take place. Just as King Solitaire had finished his speech, Sir Elijah handed the king the crown. The king was about to place the crown on his son's head when a huge giant bird appeared out of nowhere.

It looked like a dark phoenix. The king ordered his guards, as well as Sir Elijah to fight that creature but the creature was just too powerful for the soldiers and with dark flames coming out, killed all the soldiers. Sir Elijah managed to get out of the way and looked to see what he could do to destroy that evil creature. While he was thinking about it, the dark phoenix creature had his eyes set on Prince Heart. Prince Dextian saw this too. A dark flame headed toward Prince Heart. Prince Dextian managed to push Prince Heart away and got hit by the black flame. Prince Heart screamed as he watched his one true love engulfed with flames.

All of a sudden, a powerful force came out of Prince Heart. This power was unlike anyone had seen. The dark phoenix fell to the ground and the creature turned into a human form. When the light, creating a shadow so no one could see who it was, faded, there stood Draven.

"Why Draven?" King Solitaire asked, "Why are you doing this?"

"You fool," Draven said, "I should be king of Solitaire...no wait, King of Solidarity, not this faggot of a kid. The crown should be mine and no one else's."

He raised his hands toward Prince Heart and a black flame started hurling toward Prince Heart.

"No!" Sir Elijah shouted, running toward the black flame, "Prince Heart!"


"Elijah, wake up!" a woman shouted, "Wake up!"

Elijah rose from the bed. He was covered in sweat. He looked around as if he didn't know where he was. He looked left and he looked right, but all he could see was a bedroom and a woman in bed with him.

Selena Gomez as Ana

"Honestly, Elijah," the woman said, getting out of bed, "Who the hell is this Prince Heart you keep screaming about every night? Honestly, I think you are more in love with him, then me."

"Ana, come on, now," Elijah said, getting up and pulling the wet bed sheets off, "You know I can't help what I dream. Ever since the ancient and me losing my memory, the same exact dream pops up."

"Well, I don't like it," Ana said, pouting, having Elijah put new bed sheets on, "I wish you would dream more about me."

Ana just stood their pouting, while Elijah made the bed with new bed sheets. He had been having the same nightmare repeatedly, ever since he woke up lying in the middle of the road, left for dead, practically. Elijah had no memory of who he was or where he came from. He only knew his name due to a necklace, which was around his neck when he woke up. It was a puzzle piece necklace and in the back, it had the name Elijah engraved on it. Ever since then, he had the same nightmare of being a royal guard to a royal family. Every time it ended with him about to save this Prince Heart. He didn't know what it all met. His friend, and professor, Professor JJ.

Kim Jong-kook as Professor JJ

Elijah had been talking to Professor JJ for a while now on these nightmares he has been having. Professor JJ has been a good friend and a huge help him. Elijah never had a class with Professor JJ before but ended up in one of the social activities at the college and noticed Professor JJ ran it. It was a group of college kids who were into video games. Elijah loved video games. He played all different kinds, but the ones he loved the most were Zelda games. He loved solving puzzles and really enjoyed Breath of the Wild.

Ana, who is Elijah's girlfriend, hates video games. She forbids that Elijah play them when she is around. She just doesn't understand the enjoyment from these games and wishes the games never existed. When the bed was made, both Elijah and Ana got back in. Ana was still upset and was pouting.

"Honey," Elijah said, trying to confront her, "You know I love you and only you. These nightmares are bizarre and know that I only think of you."

"You do?" she asked, turning to look at him.

"Of course I do," he said, giving her a kiss on the cheek, "Now, let's go to bed. I have class in the morning."

Both Ana and Elijah fell back to sleep. Elijah didn't have any more nightmares that night. Usually, he only has it one time a night and that's it. The strangest part is, he remembers everything in the nightmare, but he can't figure out why he has these nightmares every night. It was two years since he was found lying in the middle of the road bleeding from his head and body. He quickly was brought to a hospital and was saved. He had scars on his body from the accident, but he can't remember who he was or how he got there. Police put out a missing person report, but no one had clam missing a child or even a nephew. Police also found out that there are no records of him at all. They thought that the family were hackers or something and got read of everything. They were clueless.

Elijah learned to adjust of not having a memory and learned very quickly. He did, however, have a thing for video games and was exceptionally good at it. When Breath of the Wild came out, he beat the whole game within two weeks. A normal Zelda game, he would beat it in a few days. He even was asked to do a tournament, but he respectfully declined due to his studies. Even though he was amazing at video games, he put his studies first. Elijah was going to college for graphic designs and software development. He wanted to be able to create a video game of his own.

Ana, his girlfriend, was into fashion and never liked a video game. Her family was rich and wealthy, and she was all about that lifestyle. She knows Elijah isn't rich, but she still likes him anyway, due to his physique. She just wished he didn't like to play video games. When she was younger, she used to play video games all the time, but when her father married her new mother, her stepmother was against women playing video games. That is why she hates video games so much.

The next day, Elijah went to class like any other day that he had class. He finished all his classes and his Video Game club met today and went to the club. Professor JJ was there, and he had a gift for Elijah.

"I know that your birthday is not for another week or so, but I wanted to give you this," Professor JJ said, handing him a gift.

"What is it?" Elijah asked.

"I saw it when passing a video game store and thought of you when I saw it," Professor JJ said, "All I ask is that you open it up when you get home. I get shy when people open up gifts, that I buy them, in front of me."

"OK..." Elijah said, feeling a bit weird from that, but he respected that, "Thanks Professor JJ."

After the club was over, Elijah went home. Ana was out with her friends celebrating something. He never understood all this celebrating business. He got inside and opened the gift. When he finished unwrapping, he almost dropped the gift. He couldn't believe it. It was a video game, but it wasn't any ordinary video game. The video game seemed awfully familiar to his dream. The game was called The Legend of Prince Heart. He was so confused as to why a video game was similar to his dreams, he had been having for two years. He flipped it over and sure enough the game talked about the evil Royal Vizier Draven and talked about Prince Heart. He just couldn't believe it.

He went to put the game into his system and wanted to play a bit of the game before Ana got back. The game started and he was just amazed at how the characters were exactly like his dream. The introduction was playing when Ana went through the door. Elijah didn't have time to react and Ana saw that he was playing video games.

"What did I tell you about playing video games when I'm here," she said.

"But you weren't here," Elijah said, confused about the statement she just said, "and plus it was a birthday gift from Professor JJ."

Ana went over and glanced at the cover and started hitting him.

"Ouch!" Elijah said, blocking her, "why are you hitting me?"

"Prince Heart?" Ana asked, holding up the cover, "For two years you have been having dreams and nightmares on a video game?"

"I swear, this is the first time I heard about this video game," Elijah said.

"Yeah right," Ana said, throwing the cover, and accidentally hitting the game system.

She was about to apologize when something strange started happening. The TV screen started to shine a light which came out of the TV. The light engulfed both Elijah and Ana and soon they both disappeared. When they reappeared they both were surrounded by white light. The light got too bright that they lost sight of each other. Elijah soon saw what looked like a mirror and was pulled through it.

When he was through the light disappeared and Elijah found himself not his apartment anymore but in a cave. Torches surrounded him and flames started to light up. He was scared and didn't know what was going on. What was even scarier was the fact that Ana wasn't with him. He looked and saw no signs of her. He called her name but there was no answer. He called for her again and saw a shadowy figure walking toward him.

"Ana?" Elijah called out, unsure if the shadowy figure was her. The shadowy figure looked tall but he wanted to make sure.

"Who's Ana?" a man's voice called out.

The shadowy figure came into the light and Elijah could see it was a young man with brown hair. He had an earring in one of his ears and had a very mature but comforting face on him.

"My name is Max,” he said, "and I have been trapped in here for several hours."

"Where is here?" Elijah asked, "And have you seen a beautiful woman pass through here? She has long black hair and the most beautiful eyes."

"Well as for here, you are in a cave," Max said, "and as for this beautiful lady you talk about, I haven't seen anyone. Only you had come out of that mirror on the wall."

Elijah turned and saw that there was a mirror on the wall. What an odd place to have a mirror and have it in a cave, no doubt. He also noticed that there was a little bit of a walkway and noticed that the arch was surrounded by boulders.

"I have been trying to get out for several hours, but I couldn't find a way," Max said, "all that is here is a metal treasure chest, which I can't open, and a metal door."

Elijah turned and looked at the treasure chest. Just as Max said, it was metal and just there in the middle of the cave. He went closer to it and noticed something very strange. Instead of a lock where you fit a key, the lock had a puzzle piece shaped lock. Elijah took out his necklace and his eyes grew as his necklace was the same exact shape and size as the lock.

"What the...?" Elijah was about to say.

He fit his puzzle piece necklace piece into the lock and to his surprise it did fit. The lock unlocked and a glowing light occurred. Elijah was able to take his necklace off the lock and put it back around his neck. When the light had faded, Elijah opened the box and he noticed that there was a glove in the treasure chest. He was curious as to why there was a glove in the treasure chest. There was a little note next to the glove.
"This is the Solidaritian Glove. Its main function is
to assist its wearer by storing weapons, items, and Sol.
Other uses will be introduced to the wearer as time goes by."

"This sounds like an introduction to a video game," Elijah said, and then he re-read the first sentence again, "Solidaritian? Is this Solidarity? Am I in the fucking game?"

"This is the world, Solidarity, yes," Max said, "We are trapped in a cave on the island of Solitaire."

Elijah just gave Max a confused and scared look at the same time.

"What are you talking about when you said game?" Max said, "We aren't playing any games. We literally are trapped in a cave. I should be the one freaking out now because you literally came out of a mirror on the wall."

Elijah ignored him and went toward the metal door. As he examined it closer, he noticed that a piece of the door was missing. The piece, again, looked like his puzzle piece necklace. This was just confusing Elijah. He placed his puzzle piece necklace onto the door. The puzzle piece fit again and started to glow. The door opened and Elijah could see that he was in fact on the Island of Solitaire. He noticed right away the castle in the far distance. It was covered by a lime green light which he noticed was on the cover.

"Oh, thank you so much for freeing me," Max said, graciously bowing down to Elijah, "I don't know how you did it but thank you.

"No problem," Elijah said, turning back and seeing the glove still in the treasure chest.

Elijah went back and got the glove. He put it on, and a bright light shined out of it and covered him. When the light had faded, Elijah was just in his boxers. This was so embarrassing. Max couldn't bear to watch and turned his head away.

"Um...we need to find you clothes," Max said, "You wait right here, and I will go get you something."

Max left leaving Elijah standing in nothing but his boxers. Elijah wanted to know where his clothes went to. He wanted to know where Ana was. Why did Professor JJ give him this game? All these were going through his head. He was worried about Ana most of all. He didn't know what dangers lied ahead in this world. He knew he was in the game; he just didn't know why or how. Also, he was curious as to why his puzzle piece necklace could fit the lock for the treasure chest and the lock for the door. All this was going through his head when Max came back with black pants, a white shirt, and slippers.

"This was all the town's folk could give you," Max said, handing him the clothes, "The people here are kind and friendly, but they are also on guard for evil doers. If you can get the towns folk to like you, they will welcome you with open arms."

All of a sudden his glove started glowing. A holographic screen popped up and it read:
OBJECTIVE: Get the majority of the town's folk to like you.

"Okay, so maybe if I play this game and beat it, I can return home and maybe find Ana," Elijah said, to himself.

He put the clothes that the town folk gave him, and his glove started glowing again. This time it was a holographic picture of himself wearing the clothes. There was a number 3 next to his picture. At first, he didn't know what it meant but then realized that an HP bar was under him and it had the same number. He wanted to try out a small experiment. He took off his shirt and then saw a number 2 next to his picture. He also saw the hologram show that he's shirtless. The HP on the bottom had shrunk as well. He put back on the shirt and it went back up to 3.

"What are you doing?" Max asked, looking oddly at Elijah.

"Just trying to figure this glove out," Elijah said, not really wanting to lie.

"Oh okay," Max said, "if you need my help in anything, I'll be staying at the Solitaire Inn."

He pointed at a big building down the hill they were on.

"I really want to repay you for freeing me," Max said, "so if there is anything, just let me know."

"Thank you," Elijah said, "I appreciate that. How long are you staying for?"

"Depends," Max answered, questioning Elijah.

Elijah then saw Max head down the hill to the inn that he pointed out. Elijah thought that answer that he gave was very odd but then thought about it and thought that was part of the game and maybe the further he advances in the game, the more will be revealed on Max. He still thought it weird that his puzzle piece necklace fit so perfectly in the treasure chest lock and the door.

He started heading down to the village. Along the way, he ran into a woman. She had medium length hair wearing a black shirt and yellow pants.

Jennie Panhan as Sis

"Well, aren't you a cutie pie," the woman said, eyeing Elijah up and down like he was a piece of candy she really wanted.

"Excuse me?" Elijah asked, a bit frightened at how she was eyeing him.

She started laughing.

"Oh I'm so sorry," she said, "but I think you are so yummy."

"Okay, then," Elijah said, backing away.

"Oh mister!" she called out, "I'm sorry. I am not being much of a lady. My name is Sis and I need help."

"Promise me, you won't eye me up and down like I'm a piece of meat," Elijah said, "I already have someone. In fact, have you seen a beautiful woman walk by here? She has long black hair and beautiful eyes. She goes by the name Ana."

"No, I haven't seen any girl," Sis said, pouting a bit, "and I promise I won't eye you up and down like you are meat."

"Thank you," he said, "My name is Elijah, what seems to be the problem here?"

"Well Elijah," she started, "I am a merchant and I am locked out of my store. I don't know where the key could be. I looked everywhere for it but can't find. If you could be so kind as to find my key for me, I'll put a good word in for you with everyone who lives here."

Just then Elijah's glove started glowing and a message popped up.
QUEST: Find Sis's store key and bring it back to her.

Elijah just rolled his eyes and sighed. He knew that this was going to take him forever to find a key. He really didn't know how long this would take him to beat the game. If it is like any other game like Zelda: Twilight Princess, it would take him a few days but if it's like Breath of the Wild, it will take him two weeks, at least, and he really wanted to go back home and most importantly, find Ana. Where could she be?


Ana found herself in a cave. She looked behind her and there was a mirror on the wall. She thought it was curious for a wall in a cave to have a mirror on it. She pressed on and noticed a metal door open. She walked through and saw a beautiful village. In the distance, she saw a castle was being constructed.

"Where the hell am I?" Ana asked.

She looked around and noticed that Elijah wasn't with her.

"Elijah!" she called out but there was no answer.

She looked worried, placing her hands on her stomach, wondering if she will ever find Elijah, go home, and figure out where she is.