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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    I have been trying to figure out a fan fiction I could write and be comfortable writing. After much going back and forth I have come up with this fan fiction. It is not going to be under any format. There are no deadlines for me. I'm not going to break it down into chapters (per say). This is just going to be straightforward and when I feel it is a good cliffhanger, I will slop the installment.

    Just a disclaimer, this fan fiction is based around Power Rangers and Charmed, but it is not intended for kids. This is more of a PG-13 to rated R fan fiction. It is dark, there is violence, and there is sexuality in this but nothing to make it fully rated X. There is medical terminology used as well so if you are offended by any of this, please don't read it. Yes, it's still going to be a little cheesy and there might be plot holes, since it is a Power Ranger fan fiction. I hope you like it.


    Characters in this installment:

    Mix Sahaphap Wongratch as Dome Mayakon

    Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat as Dean Mayakon

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Drake Mayakon

    Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as Detective Pavel

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Detective Max

    Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak as Pisaco

    Jennie Panhan as Lady Bella

    Mario Maurer as Jay

    Fiat Pattadon Janngeon as Good Boy

    Sunny Suwanmethanont as Fifa Lightning

    It was a rainy and stormy night. The full moon was blocked by the rain clouds. There were thundering and lightning in the background as well. It was a night where you just wanted to be snuggled up with a comforter. A young man was in his apartment, finishing up a bubble bath. There were plants all around and they were beautiful. The young man got out of his bath and dried himself off. Dogs were whimpering, so the young man pulled out dog food and put them in dishes for his dogs. He had three dogs. One of them had an unusual collar around him. It was a Triquetra symbol.

    Lightning struck and the power in the young man's apartment went out. The young man sighed and put his hands together, like in prayer. Just then, his hands started to glow, and electricity started flowing through them. He released his hands and spread his arms out wide. Soon, his whole apartment started to get power, and everything turned on again. However, one lightbulb outside blew up. It startled him and he went to go check it.

    As he was outside, a young man with a black hood came up and scared him.

    "Oh hello honey," the young man said, "What are you doing here?"

    The young man in the black hood pulled out a strange looking dagger and stabbed the young man with it. A strange glow went to the young man wearing the black hood and it looked like the young man he stabbed, his soul went into the dagger. The young man stabbed, dropped to the ground. The dogs started to bark and the young man with the hood, vanished. The dogs went over and started licking their young master's face, but the young man was instantly dead. The dogs started to whimper some more seeing their master, lifeless.

    On the other side of town, there stood an old Victorian mansion onto of a small hill. At nighttime and with thundering and lightning go off in the distance. Inside, two young man were by the circuit breaker trying to figure out how to learn the lights back on. The power went out due to the massive lightning strike that just occurred.

    "Maybe we should call an electrician, P'Dome," a young man with a soft face said, and short.

    Side note: P' and Phi are words used by Thailand natives to represent big brother/sister and N' and Nong are words meaning little brother/sister. You don't have to be blood related to use these terms.

    "Do you know how much electricians are Dean?" Dome asked, a very tall, young man with black hair, asked, "They are expensive and with me providing the only income for this family, we don't have the money to pay for an electrician."

    "Hey!" Dean snapped, "I'll get that job tomorrow if I get that paint that I needed to finish the artwork."

    "Well, that's a start," Dome said, figuring out the circuit breaker system, "Not like our younger brother who is galivanting somewhere."

    "He is with his boyfriend Frank," Dean said.

    "Frank?" Dome asked, surprised, "I thought he was going out with Josh."

    "No," Dean said, "Josh is the one who cheated on him with his high school classmate."

    "Oh yeah," Dome said, flipping a switch but no power was coming on, "I did tell Nong that if I ever saw Josh, I would punch his face. We had to deal with Drake's crying for two weeks. I can't believe I forgot about that."

    "Well, if you stopped treating him like he is your son, instead of our brother, maybe you would remember," Dean said, scolding his older brother.

    Dome flipped another switch, and the lights came on.

    "There we go," Dome said, ignoring what his younger brother just said.

    "Did you even listen to me?" Dean asked.

    Just then the door opened, and it was a young man with brown hair coming in. He had a yellow raincoat on with a yellow hat and looked almost like a cute little boy coming out of the rain.

    "I'm back," the young man said.

    "How was your time with Drake?" Dean asked, coming up to him.

    "It was nice," Drake said, grinning ear to ear, "We went to his place and sat by his fireplace and did other stuff."

    "Did you use protection?" Dome asked, coming up next to them.

    "Yes," Drake said, giving his older brother a look, "Would you like to know every little detail Phi?"

    "Relax," Dean said, trying to calm his brother, "P'Dome is just concerned about you."

    "Yeah...sure," Drake said, not convinced at all.

    "I just want to keep you safe, that's all," Dome said, forcing a smile on his face.

    "Yeah..." Drake said, still not convinced, "I'm tired. Frank wore me out. I'm going to take a bath and get to bed early."

    Drake gave a genuine smile to his brother Dean and then a half ass smile to Dome and went upstairs. Both Dome and Dean heard the door shut and Dome let out a sigh. He really did want to keep his brothers safe. It was hard when their mother and father died. He had to help his grandmother take care of his siblings. Dome basically stopped being a brother and more of a father to both.

    A few years ago, when Dome was only six years old, there was a terrible accident in the house which took the lives of his mother and father. Dean was only four at the time and Drake was two. Dome saw firsthand of what he saw, and it has always haunted him. From that moment, he knew that he would have to be more than a brother to Dean and Drake but be more of a father figure. Their grandmother was also staying with them, so he helped his grandmother raise his two younger brothers.

    "I'm going to call it an early night as well," Dome said, "I have to get to the office early in the morning. What time is your interview?"

    "It is at 4 pm tomorrow," Dean said, "and then Jay said he'll take me out to dinner to celebrate."

    "Oh, boyfriend is confident that you will get the job?" Dome asked, with a sly look on his face.

    "Well once that special paint comes in tomorrow morning, and I finish my painting, I'm sure to get the job at the art studio," Dean said.

    "Well good night Nong," Dome said, ruffling the hair of his brother’s head before heading up to bed.

    Dean smiled and shook his head at the same time, watching his brother go up the stairs. If only, he would be this loving toward Drake, things would be much more smoothly here in the house. Practically almost every other night in the house, he must be the mediator for Dome and Drake since they would start arguing with each other. He understands where his older brother Dome is coming from, from treating Drake as if he were a little kid, because of how carefree his younger brother could be. Also, he understood how Drake would be so resistant to Dome. All Drake wanted was two older brothers. He had a father and lost him; he didn't need another father.

    It had stopped raining outside and Dean decided to get a night snack before going to bed. He headed toward the kitchen. On the floor, one of the floorboards was uneven and Dean tripped on the board, causing him to fall. He didn't hurt himself since he had his hands break his fall. Tripping over the floorboard caused it to raise up more. He looked over and noticed a key under the floorboard. He went over to examine the key. There was a symbol on the key. It was a Triquetra symbol. He was puzzled as to what the key was for, since he knew every inch of his house and there were no doors that were lock.

    Suddenly, on the wall leading to the kitchen, a door appeared. It scared Dean a bit and he called for his brothers Dome, and Drake. Both Dome and Drake came rushing out. Dome was still in his clothes, but Drake had yellow bunny rabbit pajamas on. Dome asked why Dean had called for them, but Dean just pointed to the door. Both, Dome and Drake looked at the door and was scared and amazed at the same time. They had never seen this door before and suddenly the door was on the wall next to the kitchen.

    "I tripped over this floorboard," Dean said, pointing to the floor, "and I found this key. When I picked it up, the door magically appeared."

    Dome asked for the key and Dean willingly gave it to him. All three boys stuck together and went to the door. Dome took the key and unlocked the door. All three boys opened the door and saw a very strange room they never had seen before. It looked like an attic. There was stuff in boxes all around and in the middle, they saw a pedestal with a book on it. All three of them were curious as to why there was a book on a pedestal in the middle of this hidden room. They went over and saw that there was a Triquetra symbol on the book. In a weird font it read MAYAKON. It was their last name. In Thai it means magic. They never understood why their last name was Mayakon. Dome reached over and opened the book to the front page. Right away, the three of them read out loud what it said:

    "Here now the word of the witches
    The secrets we hid in the night.
    The oldest of spells are invoked here.
    The greatest gift of magic is brought.
    In this night and in this hour,
    We call upon the ancient powers.
    Bring your power to we brothers, three!
    We want the power!
    Give us the power!"

    *Side note: This spell was taken from the TV show, Charmed.

    Before anyone could speak, the clock stroke midnight, scaring the brothers a little bit. A crash of lightning and a sound of thunder rumbled in the background. The ground started to shake. Things in the room started to fall over and the three brothers were scared and grabbed on to each other, not knowing what was happening.

    Outside, the man with the black hood stood outside the Victorian house. He disappeared in a cloud of smoke and reappeared which looked like it was underground. The ground was still shaking, and he went over to where there were four figures in black robes with their face covered. They were standing in front of what looked like an altar. Soon flames rose and there stood a very tall creature. The creature was in a black robe as well and looked very sinister.

    Master Mudmn

    "Master Mudmn," the man in the hood spoke, bowing down, "It appears the Mayakon Brothers has regained their power."

    "I'm aware of that," the creature hissed, "Now is the time to not only steal their powers but their souls. With these three brother's souls, and other witches, I will once again be free to roam the world and bring Hell to it."

    "Yes, master," the young man said, holding up the knife, "As a present to you, I present a witch's soul."

    The soul of the young man who was killed by the man in the black hood, came out of the knife and into the mouth of Mudmn. He opened his robe and inside the young man and the other five in black robes saw the soul of the young man along with other souls. They seem to be all moaning in agony. Mudmn started to laugh, covering himself back up again.

    "Go and bring me those witches' souls," Mudmn ordered.

    The young man bowed and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. The other four in black robes attended to the needs of Mudmn. They were attending to his needs as Mudmn looked as if he was looking for someone.

    "What is it my lord?" one of the ones in the black robes asked.

    "Where is Faerngkh?" Mudmn asked.

    "Faerngkh is the backup plan if Ce fails," one of them in the black robes, said.

    "Very well," Mudmn said, hissing.

    Back at the mansion the three boys were still wondering what was going on. The ground had stopped shaking. Dome looked at each of his brothers in puzzlement.

    "Did we just read a spell out loud?" he asked.

    Both boys just shrugged their shoulders. Dome went over to the book and turned a few more pages. All the pages were spells. He closed the book and just looked at it in disbelief.

    "It's a spell book of witchcraft!?" he exclaimed, more than asked.

    "Cool," Drake said, "We're witches now."

    "No, we aren't witches," Dome said, "Witches are old hags that fly around on broomsticks. We are three men here."

    "Well, some of us our men," Dean teased, looking at his younger brother, who Drake gave him a good slap on the shoulder.

    "All right that's enough," Dome said, smiling, "I think we need to all go to bed and figure out this in the morning of why there is a key and our parents and grandmother never mentioned anything and why there is a spell book here."

    All three of them thought it was a good idea and left the secret room. Dome closed the door and locked it. He told the brothers where he was going to put the key. There was a cookie jar in the kitchen and showed the brothers he is putting it there. When he did, the door vanished. All three boys were stunned.

    "I think the door will only appear if one of us is holding the key," Dean assumed.

    "Yeah, I think you are right," Drake agreed.

    "Well good night," Dome said, heading to his room.

    The other two boys said good night to each other and went into their room. Drake was already in his PJs, so he slipped right into bed. Before shutting his eyes, he received a text from Frank. Frank texted him a good night and can't wait to see him soon. Drake, smiled, reading this, and put away his phone. He smiled, as he drifted to sleep. Dome and Dean were in their separate rooms, getting ready for bed. Dean got a text from his boyfriend Jay, wishing him all the luck in the world for the job interview tomorrow and told him that the paints will arrive in the morning. Dean had a smile on his face. Ever since his grandmother passed away, Jay has been there for him.

    The passing of Dean's grandmother is how him and Jay even met. Dean was at the hospital, crying over a cup of coffee and that is when Jay appeared and comforted him. They had been seeing each other ever since.

    Dome on the other hand haven't had time for a relationship. When his parents died, he felt a need to help his grandmother out with raising his two younger siblings. And then when their grandmother died, he even felt a need to help since his baby brother is barely 21. Drake was the youngest and considered the baby in the family with just turning 21. Next was Dean, being 23 years of age, and then Dome was the oldest at 25.

    Dome had a picture of his parents and grandmother on his nightstand. He kissed them good night and went to bed. He had a hard time falling to sleep since he was thinking about that secret room and that book of witchcraft. He couldn't phantom it and fell fast to sleep.

    The next morning, there were police cars all around the apartment building where the young man was killed. Reporters from all over wanted to get the story of what happened. A vehicle showed up and out popped two young detectives. One had slick black hair with charming eyes and nice lips, while the other one had dark brown hair and looked a bit more mature.

    "Detective Max and Detective Pavel," a young man called out as the two detectives approached the building.

    Both young men looked and there was a police officer waiting by the door.

    "We had been expecting you," the officer said.

    "What do we have here?" Detective Max, asked.

    "Same as the other fifteen cases," the officer said, showing the dead body to the detectives, "Fifa Lightning, is the victim's name. He was alone in his apartment. There seems to be a little burnt mark from his hands, just like the other fifteen. What do you think the killer is doing? Electrocuting his victims?"

    "If he is electrocuting his victims, then why stab them?" Detective Pavel asked, "and anyway, the marks on the hand don't resemble a huge shock."

    "This is just strange," the officer said.

    "If my hunch is correct," Detective Pavel added, "when the body is examined there will probably be penetration of the anal region."

    "Our killer likes to have sex with his victims before killing them?" the officer asked.

    "Sick, right?" Detective Max said.

    "Yes," the officer said, "I hope we catch this son of a bitch."

    "Same here," Detective Pavel said.

    They looked inside the man's apartment and noticed a dog with a Triquetra symbol on his collar. They also saw behind the seat cushion of the coach a book of witchcraft.

    "Also, with all fifteen victims, they each had their own spell book," Detective Pavel said, examining the book.

    "Our psycho killer is into witches?" Detective Max asked, "I knew this day was going to get even better."

    "So, we are dealing with a male who likes to have intercourse with men, then kill them and possibly give them an electric shock and is a witch hunter?" Detective Pavel asked, scratching his head.

    "I think we need coffee," Detective Max said.

    "Yeah, let's wrap up here and then get coffee on our way back," Detective Pavel suggested, "Oh by the way how is your husband Tul doing?"

    "He is fine," Detective Max said, "thanks for asking. We have vacation time coming up, so we are going to take little Tum on a holiday somewhere nice."

    "Oh, that's nice," Detective Pavel said, looking at the dog with the Triquetra collar on, "Well tell Tul and Tum I said hi, and thank them for that awesome dinner the other night."

    "I will," Detective Max said, looking at the dog as well.

    The door of the apartment was wide open, and the dog sprinted out. Officers started to chase it but lost track of it. Both Detectives Max and Pavel wrapped things up at the apartment, while some officers went looking for the dog. Both went out to get coffee since they knew this was going to be a long day.

    Drake was up early. He couldn't sleep the night before thinking about what him and his brothers discovered. He had gotten ready for day and had breakfast. He took the key from the cookie jar, making the door reappear. He went in and started reading the book. He found out that they had an ancestor named Jade. Jade was a powerful witch that was burned at the stake. Luckily, the townspeople who burned Jade, didn't suspect her children of being witches. He also read of three witches coming late into their powers. He read that even though they are witches, they tapped into powers from the Morphin Grid.

    He read how these three brothers would retain three specific powers. The oldest brother has the power of pyrokinesis. The middle brother has the power of strength, and the youngest brother has control over gravity manipulation. He read that Demons would come and try and steal their power along with other witches. And they will collect their souls so their master can come to the surface and create Hell on Earth.

    He was intensely reading when the doorbell rang and startled him. Drake went to the door and opened it up. It was the mailman. He handed Drake a package which was marked for his brother Dean. He thanked the mailman and signed for it. Being curious, he looked at the package and noticed that the package was from Jay. Just then, both Dean and Dome came down the stairs.

    "You're up early," Dome stated, looking at the package, "Who was at the door?"

    "The mailman was here. Package for you P'Dean," Drake said, smiling at his brother, "It's from Jay...oooh."

    Drake started making kissing noises at his brother.

    "Stop teasing me," Dean said, smiling, "It's that paint that I asked for. Jay is so sweet."

    "Yes, he is," Dome said, "and I might have a brother-in-law soon."

    Dean just slapped his brother's shoulder, grabbing the package from his hand. He opened it up and it was the special paint that he needed to finish his painting for his interview. Dome that looked at his brother and saw the door was there on the wall.

    "What's that door doing there?" Dome asked.

    "I couldn't really sleep so I read some of that book," Drake said.

    "Out loud?" Dean asked, looking suspicious at his brother.

    "No," Drake said, "not out loud. I read that it was a book started by our ancestor Jade. She was a witch burned at the stake. She had children but the townspeople didn't suspect her children to be witches, so they left them alone. Now in the book it states that there will be three brothers who come late into their craft. One with fire power, the other with super strength, and the other who could manipulate time and gravity. I believe these three to be us."

    "Oh Nong," Dome said, "I told you before witches are old hags on broomsticks. We are three men. Sure, we are a little bit feminine but that doesn't make us witches."

    Dean smiled at his younger brother.

    "Now," Dome stated, "I have to get to work. While I'm gone, can you promise not to look at that book. When I get back from work, we'll make us dinner and then we can call decide what to make out of this room that somehow has been here the whole time and what to do with that book."

    Dome said goodbye to his brothers and left. He was just as puzzled with the room as his other brothers were, but he was convinced that there had to a logical explanation for the door appearing.

    Dome worked as a mechanic. The hours were decent, and the pay was great. The pay helped them pay for all the bills of the old house and put food on the table. With his brother, hopefully getting the job, it will give them wiggle room to work with to pay for other things such as restoring the old house, such as replacing the floorboards. Now, with this new room with a book of witchcraft in it, he's more worried about other things happening.

    He clocked into work and at his job everyone is very friendly. He likes the job, and he likes working with his hands. A customer came into the shop with a beautiful car. It seemed awfully expensive. A woman came out and looked extraordinarily rich. She had designer clothes and jewelry all over her.

    "Welcome to Mick's Auto Zone, my name is Dome, how may I help you?" he asked.

    "Dome is it?" the woman coldly said, eying him up and down, "My mechanic is off sick, and my car is making funny noises, I accept you to fix it now."

    "If you want to have a seat, we'll see what the matter is shortly," Dome said, politely.

    "Shortly?" the woman shouted, "I DEMAND that you look at my car RIGHT NOW!"

    "Ma'am," Dome said, trying to remain calm, "There are people in front of you that have been here first, so you need to wait your turn."

    "Well, I never!" the woman screamed, "Do you know who I am? I am Lady Bella. I demand to talk to your manager."

    Dome just threw his hands up in frustration. Suddenly, the woman's hood of her car popped up and flames arouse from it. Everyone rushed toward it with fire extinguishers. Lady Bella was even more displeased and yelling and shouting at Dome. This got him even more angry, and the flames started to rise higher on the woman's car. Everyone had to evacuate since the flames were getting close to the building. The fire department managed to come in record time since one of the mechanics called them. The fire had died down, but they had to close shop and investigators came to examine the vehicle of why it burst into flames.

    They had to close shop for the day and Dome was sent home with pay. He was so confused as to why this woman's car burst in flames like that, but he was glad that he didn't have to deal with her. He didn't know what her problem was. She seemed like a snob and he didn't like that at all. It was close to 4 pm and he started wondering about his brother since his brother had his interview.

    On the other side of now, Dean was rushing to get to the art studio. He was running late due to the bus being late. He hated to be late. Some kids were playing baseball in a field and the ball ended up near Dean as he was rushing. The kids asked for his ball back. Dean was never good at sports, but threw the ball. The ball somehow went speeding by and broke a fence.

    "Sorry," Dean said, thinking that it was odd how he threw a ball, and it made an impact on a fence.

    The kids were amazed at how powerful his throw was and wanted to see if Dean wanted to play but Dean was already long gone.

    He finally made it into the art studio and was brought it to see a young man leaning on a table.

    "Mr. Dean Mayakon, I presume," the young man said, reaching out for a handshake.

    "Yes, I am," Dean said, returning the handshake.

    "Ouch!" the young man said, pulling back, "You have some grip."

    "Sorry about that," Dean apologized, "I don't know what is wrong with me today."

    "That is fine," the young man said, "It must be nerves. It happens to me when I use to go for job interviews."

    The young man paused and then spoke again.

    "My name is Pisaco," the young man said.

    "That is an interesting name," Dean said.

    "Yes, my father and mother gave me that name," the young man said, "I like it because it is like Cher and Madonna. No last name, but just one name."

    There was an awkward moment of silence and then Pisaco spoke again, looking at the painting.

    "Is this your painting?" Pisaco asked.

    "Yes, it is." Dean, nervously said, handing him the painting.

    Pisaco looked at the painting and was impressed. He noticed how some of the picture jumps out while some doesn't. He examined it for a while. He then placed it down and cleared his throat.

    "Mr. Mayakon why would you want this job?" Pisaco asked.

    "I would like this job because I think I would be great at teaching others to paint," Dean started, "and I just love to draw and paint. I find it a way of expressing oneself and it is very relaxing."

    "Very well," Pisaco said, "when can you start?"

    "Really?" Dean asked, not believing what he is hearing, "I got the job?"

    "Yes," Pisaco said, "I love your painting and even though there are a bit of nerves, I think you'll do just wonderful here at Global Art Studio."

    "I can start right away!" Dean excitingly said.

    "Okay, we will see you Monday at 10," Pisaco said, smiling.

    "Again, thank you very much!" Dean, excitingly stated, heading outside.

    Dean was so happy. He started to walk back to the bus stop when he saw a soccer ball. Kids were playing soccer and asked for their ball back. He kicked the ball and to everyone's amazement, the ball went past the field where the kids were playing and ended up going further than anyone can see.

    "What the hell is going on?" Dean asked himself.

    "Hey mister," one of the kids came up to him, said, "you owe us a new soccer ball."

    "I'm sorry about that," Dean said, pulling out his wallet and giving the kid some money. He gave them $100, not realizing it.

    "Thank you, mister," the kid said, snatching the cash and running away.

    "You're wel..." Dean was about to say but then noticed he just gave one hundred dollars to the kids.

    He started walking around the corner when a young man took him by surprised. The young man was tall and very handsome. He was holding a rose.

    "Jay!" Dean shouted, slapping the man's shoulder, "You scared me. What are you doing out here?"

    "I wanted to be the first one to congratulate you on your new job," Jay said, smiling, handing Dean the rose.

    "How would you know that I got the job?" Dean asked, smelling the rose.

    "Anyone who paints like you, surely deserve a job at an art studio," Jay said.

    "Well, I did get the job," Dean said, hugging Jay, "Thank you for your gift of the paint. That really helped me out."

    "I'm glad," Jay said, "So do you want to have dinner?"

    "Sure," Dean said, holding hands with Jay.

    Back at the Victorian Mansion, Drake was awaiting his brother's arrival. He had been cleaning the whole house. He did a lot of thinking while his brothers were away and he realized that his older brother, Dome, is just looking out for him. He thought of the first memory he had of his family stating that his parents were dead and Dome, right away become more of a dad then a brother to him. He realized he should treat him better.

    He was cleaning when his broomstick knocked over a vase. This startled Drake and he raised his hands and the vase started to move very slowly. Just then Dome came back and saw what was going on. He was just amazed at this. There was a pillow nearby and Drake quickly went to grab a pillow and placed in under the vase. Just then gravity caught up and the vase fell on the pillow.

    "What just happened?" Dome asked, looking at Drake.

    "I think I have the power of manipulating gravity and time," Drake said, not believing what he is seeing.

    "Well, that means..." Dome started, just stopped.

    "Means, what Phi?" Drake asked.

    "That means that today at the work, I was the one who caused that woman's car to go on fire," Dome said.

    "WHAT???" Drake asked.

    "I guess it is true," Dome said, sitting down, "I guess we are witches now. I never imaged witches were real and that witches can be men. This changes everything. I guess I can rule out any logic to why that door is there. It's magic. But why would our family keep this a secret from us?"

    "I guess to keep us safe," Drake said, picking up the vase and placing it back on the table, "I think they hid this from us because of how we drifted apart from being brothers."

    "What do you man?" Dome asked, "We are very close to Dean."

    "I'm not talking about Dean," Drake said, "I'm talking about you and me. I just want to apologize Phi for giving you a hard time. I was thinking while you were away, and I realized that I can be a bit of a brat sometimes. I'm always taking you for granted. You had to step in and be like a dad when mom and dad died. Heck! You had to literally take on both roles when grandma died. I just want to say I'm sorry and I do love you Phi."

    "Well thank you," Dome said, smiling at his brother, "and I want to apologize to you as well with treating you more of a kid then a brother. Yes, you can be a brat at times but so can I. You know, with my temper I can't get all those nice jobs which pay a six-figure digit salary, but I'm trying. I will try to be more of an older brother to you in the future."

    Drake went over and genuinely hugged his older brother, Dome.

    "Now, what would you like for dinner?" Dome asked, "I believe it is just the two of us since Dean is with Jay. Are you meeting up with Frank?"

    "No," Drake said, "not today. Frank is working today."

    "So, what does Frank do?" Dome asked, heading to the kitchen with Drake.

    "Frank is an owner of the hotel here in the city," Drake said, "He called me while you guys were away and told me that he had to work tonight since one of his staff members never showed up. I told him even if he didn't have to work, I had a dinner date with my brother."

    Dome smiled and both boys started cooking dinner together.

    A few hours have past and Jay and Dean were in a taxi. They just had dinner and were cuddling in the back. They were on their way back to Jay's place for a romantic night at his place. That was the plan.

    "Hey driver," Jay said, "can you drop us off here. I want to give Dean a surprise before we head to my place."

    The driver nodded his head and let them off at an abandon area of town.

    "What's going on?" Dean asked, "I thought we are going to have a romantic night at your place."

    "We are," Jay said, "I just have a surprise for you."

    They both got out of the taxi and Jay walked Dean over to an abandon building. It looked old and creepy. Dean was a little hesitant, but Jay persuaded him to enter. They made their way in and Dean asked what the surprise is. Jay held out his hand and a strange looking knife appeared. This startled Dean and he wanted to know what was going on.

    "This is your surprise," Jay said.

    "What is this?" Dean asked, "You are scaring me."

    "You see Dean," Jay started, "ever since your grandmother died, I knew it was just a matter of time before you and your brothers found that ancient spell book and got your powers back."

    "So you are saying we are witches?" Dean asked, backing away.

    "Yes and now that you have your powers, I can collect them for myself," Dean said, raising his other hand and having it start to spark, "And as for your soul, it belongs to my master."

    Jay was about to strike Dean with the knife, when Dean used his leg and foot and kicked Jay, sending him flying to the wall, knocking him out. Jay was out cold, and Dean made a run for it. The Victorian house was only a few blocks away from the abandon area of town, so he just ran. He was so scared.

    He ran into the house as Dome and Drake were finishing up dinner. They saw Dean pale as a ghost. He closed the door behind him and locked it.

    "Drake," Dean started to say, "is there anywhere in that spell book on how to defeat a Demon?"

    "Oh my..." Dome started to say.

    "Jay is a Demon?" Drake asked.

    Before they could say anything else, the front door ripped off and there stood Jay. His eyes were black as night and his hands were ready to strike lighting at his victims. Both Drake and Dean got behind their brother Dome.

    "Oh good," Jay said, "I can steal all three of your powers at the same time and your three souls will belong to my master."

    "Powers," Drake said, "Dome, use your power and burn him."

    "I don't know how?" Dome said.

    "Well, you told me that it happened when this lady started to get you made, so get mad," Drake said, "Remember the time that grandma yelled at you for damaging the car? Well, that was me who damaged the car."

    Just then a burst of flames appeared on Jay and he was on fire.

    "Drake, I got grounded for two weeks for that!!" Dome shouted.

    The fire died away from Jay and he started laughing.

    "Cool parlor trick bitch," Jay said, "but it won't stop me."

    "Now what?" Dean asked.

    "Drake, see if you can manipulate time with him just like you did with the vase," Dome said, "It might give us more time to think on what to do."

    Drake remembered that he got scared when he knocked over the vase, so he tried to remember something that scared him the most. He let go of his hands and Jay started to move slowly toward them. All three ran and got the key for the room and the door magically appeared again. They rushed into the book to look for something to destroy Jay. They noticed right away a spell to use.

    "With the power of brothers,
    There are no others."

    Jay started to move at a normal pace and stormed into the room. The three brothers started to hold hands and started chanting: "With the power of brothers, there are no others." Jay started laughing and struck them with a bolt of lightning. The lightning, however, went around them, causing them not to be harmed. The three brothers kept chanting the words. Wind started to appear inside the house and Jay flew to a wall. It seemed the power of strength and gravity were causing him not to be able to move.

    "This is just the beginning for you all," Jay shouted, "There are many more like me, hiding in plain sight. We will get your powers and your souls."

    Flames started to form on Jay and he started screaming as the flames engulfed him. He ended up blowing up causing the brothers to fall backwards. When the brothers got up and checked on each other to see if they were all right, they noticed a black heart was sitting on a pile of ashes. They went over to the heart and noticed a weird looking knife next to it. They were about to examine the knife, when the black heart started to glow red. The heart, along with the ashes and knife got up. The glowing heart was in the middle and the ashes went around it like a hurricane. A cloud of dark smoke appeared and standing in front of them was a dark creature.

    Demon Ce

    "Demon Ce is born!" the creature said, "The creature you know as Jay is no more. This is my true self and believe me, you are all dead."

    The Demon Ce raised his hands and he was about to strike where coming out of the door, a dog came running in and jumped up on the Demon Ce. The lightning, which came out of the demon's hand, nearly missed the brothers, but caused them to drop. The dog bit into the Demon Ce causing him to throw the dog off him. He looked at the brothers and then disappeared.

    The brothers got up and looked at the dog. Drake knelt down to examine the dog. The dog wasn't hurt at all. He noticed the Triquetra on his collar just like the cover of the spell book. He started to pet the dog in thanking it but the dog started to glow, causing Drake to head back to his brothers and were a bit scared.

    The glowing shined bright and the dog started to form into a young man. When the glowing had stopped, there stood a young man completely naked standing in front of them. He was short with dark hair. Both his ears were pierced with big looped earrings and he had a friendly smile on his face. Besides the earrings, the only thing he was wearing on his body was the dog collar with the Triquetra symbol.

    "Hello!" he said, with a smile, "I'm Good Boy and I need your help."

    The three brothers just looked at the young man and each other, not knowing what to think.
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    RV Favicon Power Rangers Mystic Magic

    Just a disclaimer, again, this fan fiction is based around Power Rangers and Charmed, but it is not intended for kids. This is more of a PG-13 to rated R fan fiction. It is dark, there is violence, and there is sexuality in this but nothing to make it fully rated X. There is medical terminology used as well so if you are offended by any of this, please don't read it. Yes, it's still going to be a little cheesy and there might be plot holes, since it is a Power Ranger fan fiction. I hope you like it.


    Characters in this installment:
    (some of the characters will be revealed when they appear in my story)

    Mix Sahaphap Wongratch as Dome Mayakon/Red Mystic Phoenix Ranger

    Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat as Dean Mayakon/Blue Mystic Minotaur Ranger

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Drake Mayakon/Yellow Mystic Sphinix Ranger

    Fiat Pattadon Janngeon as "Good" Boy

    Mario Maurer as the voice of Demon Ce

    Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as Detective Pavel

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Detective Max

    Title Kirati Puangmalee

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana

    Perth Tanapon Sukumpantanasan

    Zee Pruk Panich

    They were staring at Good Boy for a while, until Dome couldn't take it anymore with him just standing there with his birthday suit on and a dog collar and got him a blanket to wrap around himself to cover himself up. That was a little bit better, but he was excited, and it showed.

    "Um..." Dean said, clearing his throat, "So you were just a dog, now you are a man?"

    "That's correct," Good Boy said, "I was once a Familiar to Fifa Lightning..."

    "Who is Fifa Lightning?" Drake asked, interrupting Good Boy.

    "Fifa was my master, until he got killed by that Demon," Good Boy said, "His human name, Jay, was going out with Fifa..."

    "Wait?" Dean interrupted, "What do you mean going out? I was going out with him!"

    "Yeah, they were going out," Good Boy said, "Every other night Jay would sleep over and they would both go in my master's bedroom door and I would hear them have sex."

    "Okay," Dean said, "I think I'm going to be sick."

    "Why?" Good Boy asked, looking concerned.

    "Because Dean and Jay were going out as well and... you know," Drake said, gesturing it with his hands.

    "Oh, I'm sorry," Good Boy said.

    "Anyway," Dome stated, "you needed help?"

    "Oh yes!" Good Boy said, "The night my master got killed, that Demon used a special kind of knife called an Athame. The Athame, not only steals a witch's power but it can steal their soul. Mudmn needs the souls of witches to reign on Earth and cause Hell on Earth."

    "Okay, who's Mudmn?" Dome asked, "And how do you know all this?"

    "My master, Fifa told me about this," Good Boy said, "Mudmn is an evil creature known as a Darkling who has extraordinary powers."

    "Fifa talked to you about this?" Dean asked.

    "Yes," Good Boy said, "He knew I was a Familiar and wanted me to gain the knowledge so one day, like right now, I can be helping you guys, the Mystic Brothers."

    "Wait?" Dome asked, "Mystic Brothers?"

    "Yes!" Good Boy said, "Not only are you magical witches, but you are Power Rangers!"

    "Power Rangers?" Drake asked, "Who are they?"

    "Let me explain," Good Boy said, "Our world isn't the only world. There are many different parallel worlds, like our own. Some are remarkably like ours and then there are others that are completely different. The spell book in front of you is not only a gateway to all the spells of the Mayakon Family line but also is the gateway to the Morphin Grid."

    "I read about that," Drake said.

    "Yes," Good Boy said, "The Morphin Grid has extraordinary powers. In one dimension the Morphin Grid was first introduced to five teenagers with attitude. They found out the Morphin Grid was formed by the Morphin Masters, a group of powerful wizards. In another dimension the Morphin Grid is known as the Henshin Grid and it started with a group of people from 1975 in Japan. Some words don't have the Morphin Grid, but they get extraordinary powers such in a world where make in medieval times, powers were granted to five brave knights to become the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog."

    "Okay, this is all very interesting but why do you need our help?" Dome asked, "And what happened to Jay or should I say Demon Ce?"

    "I need your help to retrieve that Athame from Demon Ce," Good Boy said, "It has the soul of my master and if Demon Ce gives the Athame to Mudmn, his soul will be lost forever, and Mudmn will become one step closer from coming to the surface and causing this world to become Hell."

    "What can we do?" Drake asked, "We are just young men here."

    "You are Power Rangers!" Good Boy said, "Let me show you."

    Good Boy took off the blanket, causing everyone to freak out seeing the young man naked. They stopped Good Boy and Dean rushed up to grab him some clothes since both Dean and Good Boy were of the same size. In a matter of minutes, Dean came down with some clothes for him. It was a pair of blue jeans, a black shirt, and a gray and black stripped button-down shirt. Good Boy put them on, and the three boys were incredibly happy that he was clothed now.

    Good Boy then went over to the spell book which the brothers were a little hesitant with. He opened the book to a page where the brothers saw a picture of three rings. One was red and had a red helmet with a phoenix looking visor on it. The other ring was blue with a blue helmet and a Minotaur's horns and front face as a visor. The third was a yellow ring with a yellow helmet and a Pharaoh's headdress.

    Good Boy reached up to his collar and the Triquetra started to glow. He then went to touch the book and the three rings magically appeared on top of the page. The three brothers were impressed at this. Fiat grabbed the rings and gave them each one. For Dome, he gave the red ring to. For Dean, he gave the blue ring to. And Drake, he handed him the yellow ring. The brothers put on their ring and their respected color started to glow on their other hand. When the glowing had faded away, the brothers each had a wrist device that had a keyhole in it that looked like their ring could fit in there.

    "Wow!" Drake said, in amazement, "These are amazing!"

    "These are your Mystic Morphers," Good Boy said, smiling, "They will unlock the Morphin Grid and give you incredible powers. Only use it though when Demons are in their true form."

    "What happens if we use it on a Demon on its first stage?" Dean asked.

    "If you fight on Demon when it's still in human form, and destroy the Demon," Good Boy stated, "you will lose the soul that the Demon has used."

    "So, wait a minute," Drake said, "the Demons possess bodies?"

    "No," Good Boy said, "the person is dead, but their soul is trapped until a witch casts a spell to release it."

    The brothers just looked at each other and Good Boy.

    "You'll get the hang of it," Good Boy said.

    "This is just too much," Dean said, "I find that I'm a witch. On top of that my boyfriend that I have been with for a couple of months is a Demon. Now, I'm a Power Ranger and have to go battle with the Demon who I slept with for the past few months."

    "Just think of it as revenge," Good Boy said.

    "I guess so," Dean said.

    Just then the dog collar on Good Boy started to glow. An image on the collar showed Demon Ce is terrorizing the town.

    "Well guys," Dome said, "I guess it's time to see if we are made for these."

    He looked at his brothers and then to Good Boy.

    "What do we do to access these powers?" Dome asked.

    "You must raise your hand with the ring on it to the sky, Good Boy started, “and your rings and shout out ‘Magically ring, do your thing (I know I know, shoot’ The rings will start to glow. Then place your ring into the keyhole and turn it. Shout out ‘Link to the magic (I know, I!’ The Morphin Grid will be available to you and you will morph into magically superheroes."

    Dome looked at his brothers and nodded his head. His brothers did the same. The three of them raised their hands with the rings on it to the sky.

    "Magically ring, do your thing!" the three of them shouted.

    The three rings started to glow. Dome's ring started glowing red. Dean's ring started to glow blue. Drake's ring started to glow yellow. They each placed their ring into the keyhole on the device around their wrist and turned their ring.

    "Link to the magic!" they shouted.

    Just then they were transported to another place. It was filled with lights and what looked like electrical circuits. Their bodies started glowing their respected color. Dome started to glow red. Dean started to glow blue. Drake started to glow yellow. The glow went all over them. When the glowing faded, suits appeared on them. Dome received a red suit. He was in a red suit. He was wearing red boots that had a red, blue, and yellow stripped lines running around the top of the boots. The gloves were red with the same three colored stripes on the top of the gloves. There was a golden belt he was wearing that for the belt buckle it was circular with the Triquetra on it. Dome had a golden chest plate covering his shoulders and chest. A gold circle was on his chest shield. A red phoenix was on it with a red Triquetra symbol in the background. Dean had the same suit, but it was in blue with the same three stripes on the boots and gloves. On his golden chest shield there was a picture of a Minotaur on it with the Triquetra symbol but in blue. Drake's suit was all in yellow. On his chest shield there was a picture of a Sphinx. (For Power Ranger Zeo fans it looked a bit like Zeo Ranger 3's Zord). Their helmets formed on their hands and looked just like the helmets on their ring. They were brought back to their house in their suits.

    Good Boy saw the three in the suits and was very excited. The three brothers then rushed out their door and headed to where the danger was. When they got there, the cops were already there. To Dome's surprise, he saw an old high school classmate. Well, not really a classmate but someone who went to the same high school as him, Detective Pavel. He never imagined meeting him again.

    Detective Pavel noticed the three in colorful suits and pointed his gun at them.

    "Hands up!" he shouted.

    Detective Max was with him and he pointed his gun at the three of them as well, while the other police pointed their guns at the creature laughing at them.

    "We are not here to hurt you," Dome said, "We are here to battle this Demon."

    "Demon?" Detective Pavel asked, looking in the corner of his eyes at the creature.

    "Yes, he is a Demon," Dome said, "and if you don't let us take care of the creature, he's going to gather enough souls to bring forth Hell on Earth."

    "Who are you?" Detective Pavel asked.

    "We are the Power Rangers!" Drake said.

    "Never heard of Power Rangers," Detective Max said.

    "Same here," Detective Pavel said, "How do we know that you aren't these Demons as well?"

    "Well, you'll just have to trust us," Dean said.

    "Trust?" Detective Pavel asked, turning his gun to the Demon, "You'll have to earn it."

    They started firing at the Demon. Smoke appeared from all the bullets fired, but to their surprise, when the smoke cleared, the creature was still standing. He was laughing at them. He raised his hand, and a huge lightning bolt came out of his hand and hit all the cop cars that were in front of him. This caused a huge explosion, and everyone started flying in the air. Dome jumped up and caught Detective Pavel. Dean, caught Detective Max and Drake used his powers to slow down time so he could make sure all the cops that flew in the air, landed safely on the ground.

    "How about that?" Dome asked Detective Pavel catching him.

    "Um…" Detective Pavel stuttered, "That's a start. Thank you."

    "You're welcome," Dome said, "Now if you please let us take care of this Demon, get to safety."

    Detective Pavel and Detective Max ordered the officers to back up and give room to the three. They didn't listen to get to safety, but they did move where they were safe, for the time being.

    "Who are you guys?" Demon Ce asked.

    "We are the Power Rangers," Dean said, "and you are going to pay for what you did."

    "Pay?" Demon Ce questioned.

    Dean jumped up in the air, and came down right on top of Demon Ce, punching him. The strength of the punch made him get stuck in the earth. Dome wanted to have a turn and created fire and blasted at Demon Ce. This caused him to fly out of the ground and get slammed into the wall. Demon Ce got up and raised both hands. Just then a huge lightning blast came out of his hands. Drake used his powers to shift gravity, causing the lightning to go up in the air, instead of at them.

    "Hm," Demon Ce said, "I know who you are."

    He started laughing.

    "But shhh," Demon Ce said, going his mouth with a finger, looking at the two detectives and cops, "I won't tell anyone your secret."

    "What secret?" Detective Pavel asked.

    "Uh-uh-uh," Demon Ce, mocked, waving his finger around, "Can't tell."

    "Stop harassing him," Dome said, coming up to him and punching him.

    Demon Ce punched back, sending Dome flying into a cop car that was turned over from the earlier blast. Dean and Drake went over to pick Dome up. All three of them rushed over and ganged up on Demon Ce. Demon Ce was having a hard time with all three of them.

    "I need some assistance here," Demon Ce called out.

    Just then a black hooded figure had appeared on a building. Everyone looked at the figure. Some cops were scared and fired their guns off. The hooded figure raised his hands, and the bullets flew back at the cops, instantly killing them. Everyone was shocked and both detectives shouted at the cops still alive to not engage. The black hooded figure raised his hands and out of the ground shadows appeared. The shadows then formed into creatures.

    "What the hell are those creatures?" Detective Max asked.

    "Those are Demonics," Demon Ce said, knocking the three rangers off him, "Thank you, Faerngkh."

    The black hooded creature vanished as the Demonics started roaming the streets.

    Detective Pavel fired his gun at one of the creatures and the Demonic that he shot, turned to black smoke, and vanished.

    "We'll take care of these creatures," Detective Pavel said to the rangers, "since our bullets can harm them, you deal with the creature you are fighting."

    "Be careful," Dome instructed, getting up from the fall, when the creature knocked them over.

    Drake and Dean jumped up and double punched the creature, causing him to fly back. The Athame that Demon Ce had on him dropped to the ground. Dome went over to pick it up, but the creature laughed.

    "Why are you laughing?" Dome asked.

    "If you think you are going to save Fifa, you are wrong," Demon Ce laughed.

    "Why?" Drake asked.

    "Master Mudmn already has his soul inside of him," Demon Ce laughed, "That witch is going to be tortured for all of eternity."

    "You bitch!" Dean shouted, running up to him. He was building up strength and he started to glow blue. He let out a punch and Demon Ce went flying into the sky. When he dropped to the ground, it caused a small explosion. The Athame Dome was holding flew up from his hands and landed on the spot where Demon Ce fell. There was another explosion but bigger and when the explosion dissolved, there stood Demon Ce but gigantic.

    "Now what do we do?" Drake asked.

    Just then their rings started to glow. Good Boy started to talk to them through the ring.

    "There is a spell where you can turn into animal creatures to defeat him," Good Boy said.

    "How will turning into animals defeat him?" Dean asked.

    "Just trust me," Good Boy said, "Place your ring in the keyhole and turn it the other way. Then shout out 'Mystic Beasts, give us a lift.'"

    "That doesn't even rhythm!" Dean said.

    "It doesn't matter," Dome said, "Let's try it."

    The three of them placed their rings in the keyhole and turned it the opposite direction of when they morphed.

    "Mystic Beasts, give us a lift!" the three brothers shouted.

    Just then they started to glow again. Dome started glowing red. Dean started glowing blue. Drake started glowing yellow. They started to grow. Detective Pavel who shot the last of the Demonic creatures saw this and was just amazed. Dome transformed into a Phoenix. Dean transformed into a Minotaur. Drake turned into a Sphinx. They felt immensely powerful. Dome went flying past Demon Ce and knocked him on the ground. He couldn't believe it. He was a Phoenix. As soon as Demon Ce got up from the fall, Dean came charging at the creature, sending him flying. Drake wanted a piece of the action and head butted the creature as well.

    Demon Ce got up and shot lightning bolts at the three brothers. The lightning struck at the three brothers causing them to drop to the ground. Dome was the first to get back up and fired fireballs at the creature. Demon Ce fell back. Just then their eyes started to glow, and the three brothers felt something inside of them.

    "I think we can combine," Dome stated.

    "Combine?" Dean asked.

    "I think I know what he means," Drake said, "I feel something inside me saying we can be one."

    "I think I feel it too," Dean said, feeling something inside him, saying they can do this.

    "Alright," Drake said, "How do we start?"

    Just then Dean started to extend and his whole body lifted upwards, causing his back legs to be on the bottom and his front legs be on top. Just then a compartment opened, and his front legs moved in the compartment. His head moved from looking to the sky, down to looking at eye level. His tail detached and his body split making it look like two legs. Drake flew up to the sky and his tail came off. His who body moved in together to make his body smaller. His back legs moved to the back of him, while his front legs moved to the side. His paws moved up and hands started to appear. Drake went on top of Dean forming a body. Dome flew overhead and moved to the back of what was forming. He moved his head onto the top of his brother Drake. The beak opened to reveal a robot face. As for the wings, they spread out causing the new design machine to have wings. The tail came out. The tail of the minotaur and sphinx came together to form a long bow. The tail of the phoenix went on top of the bow. Some of the feathers came down to the side where some of the feathers came together on top to form some sort of spear.

    Dome, Dean, and Drake appeared in what looked like a cockpit. They were standing on platforms (I know, I know but I like this kind of cockpit). They had seen the design of the new robot they had form. The minotaur was on the bottom where it looked like the minotaur's head was the belt buckle. Then the sphinx was the body of this robot where the sphinx's head was in the center. The sphinx's head looked like a cat with a pharaoh's headdress. The phoenix was the head of the robot with wings. The three brothers thought it was so cool, but they didn't understand how they became these creatures but now they are back in physical forms. When they get done, they'll have to consult their spell book to see what is up with that, but right now they have a Demon to defeat.

    Demon Ce fired another lightning bolt at the robot. Apparently, it wasn't affecting them. The brothers kept walking straight to Demon Ce and punched him. Demon Ce fought back with a kick. The brothers found that their machine fell to the ground, causing them to drop off their platforms. They managed to get back on their platforms.

    "We need to get rid of this creature," Dean said.

    Both brothers looked at Dean and agreed. They grabbed their weapon in their hand. The feathers on top started to glow. On the right side the feathers glowed yellow. On the left side, the feathers glowed blue, and up top, the feathers started to glow red. They took their weapon and started to draw the Triquetra in midair. It was glowing with red, blue, and yellow glowing energy. They swung their weapon through the Triquetra symbol that they just made. The energy hit Demon Ce. Demon Ce went flying back and caused a huge explosion. They just then noticed a white glow, which looked more like a mist, head up to the sky, and disappear.

    "What the hell was that?" Dome asked.

    "I think it was the real Jay's soul getting release," Dean suggested.

    Down on the ground Detective Max and Pavel were looking up at this and was just amazed. The robot disappeared and the three brothers came down, still in their suits.

    "I don't know what is going on," Detective Pavel said, "but thank you guys."

    "You're welcome," Dome said, "Happy to help."

    Detective Pavel thought for a moment and thought he knew that voice. When he first heard him, he wasn't sure but the more he heard the man speak, the more his voice sounded familiar.

    "We'll take it from here," Detective Pavel said, "We still have a psycho killer on the loose."

    "Um...detective," Drake said, "That was the psycho. He was impersonating a young man and killing witches to gain powers for himself, but also taking souls for his master."

    "What are we going to tell our boss?" Detective Max asked.

    "Tell him the truth," Dean said, "I'm sure your boss and everyone in this town has seen the major fight that went on, just now."

    When he said that, people started to come out from hiding and were heading over to the Rangers.

    "Well, that's our que to leave," Dome said, "Witches are real and they can be good."

    The three brothers left, leaving everyone to bombard the two detectives. They were just overwhelmed with people asking questions, so they tried their best to answer as many questions as possible. News got around very face that there are superheroes in town and from this day forward, people were introduced to the Power Rangers.

    As the talk was going on from above, trouble was brewing in the Underworld. Mudmn was angry and throwing around fire balls. He was in a bad mood. Fireballs were merely missing the four in black robes. A fifth person in a black robe finally showed up.

    "Master," the black robed man said.

    "What is it Faerngkh?!" Mudmn angrily asked, hissing at him, ready to throw a fireball.

    "I know we have lost a soul..." Faerngkh started to say but got interrupted.

    "We?" Mudmn asked, hissing, "You lost a soul! If Demon Ce weren’t so power hungry, he could have got those witches all at once with a little more time. Sometimes patience is worth the wait, and once I have those three witches' souls, I'll be able to free myself from this Underworld and bring Hell on Earth.

    "You will master," Faerngkh said, apologizing, "I am sorry for my lack in picking out the right Demon. I won't fail you again."

    "That's right," Mudmn said, pointing and hissing at him, "you won't fail. Because you are going to be the one to defeat the witches and bring me their powers and well as their souls."

    Mudmn handed him an Athame.

    "Yes, master," Faerngkh said, unveiling himself (Title). He was a young man with what looked like curly hair in the front. He had a baby face with dark, piercing eyes.

    "Now if you excuse me," Mudmn hissed, "I have some torturing to do. It relaxes me."

    Faerngkh bowed his head and disappeared in a ball of fire. The other four hooded robe figures looked as Mudmn took off his black robe. There were many souls screaming in silent torcher on his chest, back, stomach, arms, and everywhere in between. His face was that of a dragon, but all the skin looked like it was off him and his face was just a boney skull, that of a dragon. He had razor sharp teeth as well. His claws were red and were larger than normal hands.

    Mudmn started sighing and he started to shrink a bit and turn human. The four black hooded robed figures saw how he was still a tall man but with black hair and a baby face on him but looked very seductive as well (Saint). He was just wearing black sweats and headed toward a room, where he closed the door.

    In the room, there were two young man wearing but only raggedy old clothes. They both had black hair and piercing eyes. One looked young, probably around 19 of age (Perth) and the other looked like he was in his late-20s (Zee). Both men were chained to the wall and looked like they have been tortured.

    "Master Mudmn," the younger one said, "please no more torturing us. We had enough."

    "Oh, but we are just getting started," Mudmn stated, smiling.

    "Please, no more," the other one begged.

    Outside the four hooded robed figures heard two men screaming in pain outside the door and wondered what is going on. Every time they see Master Mudmn turning human and headed in the door, they hear the screaming. They were afraid to ask any questions of what was going on, in fear of turning into a pile of dust. This lasted for hours. The four of them decided to just go off and do something while Mudmn was having his fun.

    Back at the Victorian Mansion, the three brothers were giving the bad news to Good Boy about his master's soul being given to Mudmn. Good Boy started to get upset but the three brothers consoled him and told him that they will defeat Mudmn. Good Boy was so thrilled. He was very hopeful that his new masters would do the job.

    "Okay, this whole thing of you calling yourself Good Boy needs to change," Dome said.

    "Why?" Good Boy asked.

    "Well, if any of our friends come over to see you, we can't call you Good Boy," Dome said.

    "How about just calling you Good," Drake said, coming down the stairs all dressed up.

    "I like that," Good said, smiling, looking at Drake.

    "Also, calling us masters doesn't fly with us," Dean said, "You can say cousins or something like that."

    "Aww, thank you guys," Good said, smiling, "I am so glad to have ma...I mean cousins like you."

    "So, on to other things," Dean said, looking at his brother Drake, "Going on a date with Frank?"

    "Yes, Frank called and said he has the night off, so we are going out," Drake said, smiling.

    "I'm really happy for you Nong," Dome said, smiling and ruffling Drake's hair.

    "Oh Phi," Drake said, smiling, "I know that you will find someone soon and I know P’Dean will too."

    "Oh no!" Dean said, waving his hands around, "Knowing that I dated a Demon for a couple of months, I think I am not going to want to date for a while."

    Outside the Victorian Mansion a fireball appeared and the man in the black hooded robe appeared. He took off his robe to reveal some nice clothes. He looked around to see if anyone was watching and raised his hands. A car appeared in the driveway. He then held out his hands and a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates appeared. He then went to ring the doorbell.

    Drake answered the doorbell.

    "Frank!" Drake said, wrapping his arms around him, and giving him a kiss.

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    Just a disclaimer, again, this fan fiction is based around Power Rangers and Charmed, but it is not intended for kids. This is more of a PG-13 to rated R fan fiction. It is dark, there is violence, and there is sexuality in this but nothing to make it fully rated X. There is medical terminology used as well so if you are offended by any of this, please don't read it. Yes, it's still going to be a little cheesy and there might be plot holes, since it is a Power Ranger fan fiction. I hope you like it.


    Characters in this installmet:

    Mix Sahaphap Wongratch as Dome Mayakon/Red Mystic Phoenix Ranger

    Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat as Dean Mayakon/Blue Mystic Minotaur Ranger

    Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote as Drake Mayakon/Yellow Mystic Sphinix Ranger

    Fiat Pattadon Janngeon as "Good" Boy

    Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as Detective Pavel

    White Nawat Phumphothingam as Detective Max

    Title Kirati Puangmalee as Faerngkh/Frank

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Master Mudmn

    Jennie Panham as Lady Bella

    Frank took Drake out with him, waving goodbye to his brothers saying that he'll take good care of him. Drake was thrilled to be going out with Frank. Even though they have been dating for a few weeks, Drake felt that Frank was the one for him. He felt safe around him and he trusted Frank as well. They have shared special moments with each other, and Frank has always been a protector to Drake.

    There was an occasion where two guys tried to bully Drake for the way he dressed, and Frank defended Drake and got the bullies to stop. There was another occasion where this guy was being rough with Drake and Frank came to Drake's aid with punching the guy and sending him away. All this was nice, but to what Drake didn't realize is that the three people were really Demons working with Frank to help him gain Drake's trust. Frank knew that he had to do this for his master. He knew he would be destroyed if he didn't succeed. So, everything had to be perfect.

    While Frank and Drake were out, Dome and Dean were back at the Victorian Mansion with Good trying to look in the book to see a way to defeat Mudmn, before he comes to the surface. He found out that Mudmn is both human and Demon. This confused Dean and Dome because they are though the Demons weren't humans and only impersonated the body of the soul they killed. They read on and learned that Mudmn is not only a Demon, but he is a Darkling. A Darkling is both human and Demon. They can't be destroyed merely with a spell or even from the Morphin Grid. It read that a Darkling will have his soul removed from its body and have it nearby.

    "Well, that is interesting," Dean said, looking at Dome and looking at Good who was intrigued as well.

    "My master...I mean Fifa never told me that," Good said.

    Meanwhile, while Dean, Dome, and Good were looking at the book and Drake and Frank were out, Detective Pavel and Detective Max were getting calls from people saying that there are purple-reddish cracks appearing. Both Detective Pavel and Detective Max came to one of the sites that had a purple-reddish crack in midair. It was at an extraordinarily rich person's estate, Lady Bella.

    "Detectives!" she screamed coming out of her house, meeting them, "What the hell is that?!"

    She pointed to the crack in midair. Both Detectives Max and Pavel just looked at it in confusion.

    "I want this removed from my yard immediately!" Lady Bella ordered.

    "'am," Detective Max said, "It's a huge tear in the fabric of time and space. We can't just remove it."

    Just then, something came out of the crack. It looked like a spec of a firework that was falling from the sky, but it was floating over to Lady Bella. The spark went into her and she started to glow. When the glow had faded, her expression changed.

    "OH MY GOD!" she screamed, "Two hot men!"

    She started running over to both Detective Max and Pavel. Detective Pavel managed to get out of the way, but Detective Max wasn't fast enough, and Lady Bella attached her arms around him. Detective Max was embarrassed by this and tried to get her off him.

    "Ma'am," Detective Max said, "I am happily married and have a son."

    She was not letting go and was trying to kiss him.

    "A little help over here," Detective Max said, looking at Detective Pavel who was just laughing. He did, however, come over and try and grab her.

    Lady Bella then went over and grabbed a hold of Detective Pavel as well. She had her arms locked around both, and the two couldn't break through. She was a strong lady. Lady Bella was about to kiss them when a voice called out.

    "Enough!" the voice yelled.

    Detectives Max and Pavel noticed that the crack crew larger and out popped a creature that looked all blue.

    CorH77FUkAEuQmC (1).jpg

    "Who are you?" Detectives Pavel and Max asked, getting free from Lady Bella, getting their guns out.

    "Your puny weapons are no match for me," the creature said, "My name is Serge."

    "What do you want?" Detective Pavel asked, still raising his gun toward the creature.

    "I want to rule this world as well as my world that is now corrupted by me," Serge said.

    "Are you a Demon?" Detective Max asked.

    "Demon?" Serge asked, looking confused, "What is a Demon?"

    All of a sudden, the spark that went into Lady Bella went out of her. Her eyes raised to Serge and started to glow red.

    "I am a Demon," Lady Bella said, transforming into a creature.


    "How dare you try and affect me with that spark!" she screamed, "The very thought of wanting to put my tongue down these human throats is just...ewww!"

    Both Detective Pavel and Detective Max was grossed out by it as well. They didn't know what to do. They were pointing their guns at both Lady Bella and Surge. Just then the Red Phoenix Ranger and the Blue Minotaur Ranger appeared. Both Detective Pavel and Detective Max were glad to see them. Dome pointed at Serge and asked if he is a Demon.

    "Again, with this Demon stuff," Serge said, "I am Serge. I am an interdimensional creature here to conjure this world as well as my own."

    "Okay, so you are not a Demon," Dean confirmed.

    "Ugh!" Lady Bella screeched, "I have to report this to Mudmn. I don't want to. I have been trying to avoid him for years now. I HATE THIS!"

    Lady Bella disappeared and the rangers were left with Serge and the two Detectives still holding their weapons at him.

    "Like I said," Serge said, raising his claw, "Your weapons won't work on me. I dare you to fire a bullet at me."

    Detective Max fired a bullet at Serge. The bullet reversed and hit Detective Max in the arm, causing him to drop. Detective Pavel, Dome, and Dean ran over to him, not keeping their eyes off Serge.

    "I should take him to the hospital," Detective Pavel stated.

    "You don't need to," Dome said, "I found a spell for this while reading our spell book."

    " Kras̄un k̄hêā kras̄un xxk," Dome chanted.

    Just then the bullet came out and his skin repaired himself. There was a tear in his uniform though where the bullet had gone in, but everything else was fine. There was a bit of surprise between Detective Pavel, Detective Max, and Serge. They couldn't believe what just happened.

    "Magic?" Serge questioned, "Taking this world will be harder than I thought."

    Serge vanished into thin air with the tear. Both Dome and Dean looked closely at the tear. As they grew closer to it, they could see through the tear and saw a world similar to theirs, but it was in total darkness and the buildings all looked destroyed. It was terrible.

    "What in the world is going on?" Dome questioned.

    There was nothing more they could do. Both Dome and Dean were a little worried though because not only did they have to worry about Demons, but they also have to worry about interdimensional creatures as well. This was going to be tough. They made sure that Detective Max was still alright and saw that he was. They left then. Detective Pavel helped Detective Max up. They called their boss and told them the situation. Their boss couldn't believe it.

    "You guys deserve the rest of the day off," their boss said, "I'll send some officers over to make sure the public don't go near the house or the tear."

    "Thank you sir," Detective Pavel said, notifying his work partner that they have the rest of the day off.

    Detective Max sighed and stated that he is going to go home to his husband and not tell him what just happened. Detective Pavel laughed and stated that Tul wouldn't believe him in the first place. Detective Max gave him a look and they both laughed.

    Back at the Victorian mansion, both Dean and Dome came home, and had a few questions on their mind.

    "I guess we are dealing with more than Demons," Dome said.

    "What do you mean?" Good asked, waiting for them.

    "There was a tear in the fabric of time and space and a creature came out, stating that his name is Serge," Dean said.

    Just then the door opened, and Drake came in. He was disappointed.

    "What happened to your date?" Good asked.

    "Frank said, something urgent came up and had to leave," Drake said, "He just dropped me off and then left. He looked distracted. Didn't even give me a goodbye kiss."

    "Aww," Dome said, "Maybe it was really urgent. Anyways, we have an urgent matter as well."

    "What?" Drake asked, "Another Demon?"

    "Well we did run into another Demon," Dome said, "but we have another problem. A tear in the fabric of time and space has opened up and there was a creature who popped out. He infected this woman who's car I put on fire. Apparently, it didn't work for too long because she was a Demon herself, I guess."

    "Does the spell book talk about interdimensional creatures?" Drake asked.

    They all headed for the room with the spell book in it. They went to the book and the book all of a sudden opened on its own. They thought that was a little weird and didn't know what was going on. It opened up to a spell which revealed hidden truth. They thought that was weird, but they didn't really question it. All three of them gathered around the spell book and said the spell out loud.

    "Hidden truth let it be known
    Let this power be shown
    To us, witches three
    So let it be."

    All of a sudden lights flickered and the three of them vanished. Good didn't know what happened because he couldn't see any of them, they just vanished. He started looking for them around the house.

    Back in the underground, Mudumn had come out of his room where his two people he had locked up. He was wearing just black sweat pants and was in human form. He picked up his robe and put it on him, transforming back into the creature he was. The four creatures in robes stood before him, with Faerngkh coming up, appearing next to them, putting on his robe.

    "Apparently," Mudmn said, hissing, "We have an unexpected visitor."

    Lady Bella appeared before them, bowing down in front of Mudmn.

    "Master Mudmn," Lady Bella said, "It is true that we have an unexpected visitor. This creature came through the fabric of time and space. It tried to control me."

    "Lady Bella," Mudmn said, hissing, "It's been a while and thank you for letting me know."

    He turned to look at the five robed standing before him.

    "Change of plans," Mudmn said, "I want you guys to find out who this creature is. No need to worry about the witches. We can deal with them after this threat is over. Let this creature know that this is my world and I'm the only one going to turn it into Hell."

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