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    A Tutorial on Thread Prefixes

    Hello everyone! GPR here!

    This is a guide to help members understand how to use the thread prefix feature here on the board, which can make organizing and locating threads easier.

    A) What is a Thread Prefix? - A thread prefix is a word or phrase used to identify a thread on the board. Each section of the board has a predetermined set of prefixes to choose from. These identifiers can be used to sort threads to more easily find only the type of thread you want in a given section, thus making searching and organization a simpler process. The prefix of a thread appears in brackets before the name of a thread in a forum. For example:

    [Casting Calls]MMPR: The Game

    B) How do I add a prefix to my thread? – To add a prefix to a thread, begin by clicking “New Thread” and creating a thread the way you normally do but without clicking the button to actually create it yet. Once you’ve created your thread, look next to the Title bar to see a Drop Down bar containing possible prefixes for that section:

    Choose a prefix by clicking on it, and then create the thread as normal. The prefix will be shown next to the title of the thread, as shown above in A.

    C) How do I sort a forum by prefix? - To sort a forum by prefix, use the “Display Options” sorting tools that are now at the top of the page in any forum:

    Click on the prefix drop down menu, and select the prefix of the thread type you’d like to view. Then simply click “Show Threads” and you will be taken to a list of only the threads in that forum that have the prefix you selected. This allows members to locate specific kinds of threads when need be and thus keeps threads easily organized.

    Also, the prefix on a thread can be changed at any time by the creator of the thread. Simply click "Edit" on the first post in the thread, then click "Go Advanced" and you will be brought to a page alomst identical to the thread creation page, where you can select a new prefix from the drop down menu.

    Hopefully this helps everyone better understand how to use thread prefixes. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in this thread.

    RT Adminstrator

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    thanks for the tips ill be sure to give it a try

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    This took me like 10 minutes yesterday to figure this out lol. Im like RPG 's their gone! -_-

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    Works for me

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    Laps9977 Guest
    Work for me

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    Okay thank you for explaining what that was because I didn't know what they were before.

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    thanks. But do I need to use these things?

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    LadyVirgin. If you visit the RPG section, or any section for that matter and wish to see the threads specifically, you can use that function. If you dont mind seeing the threads jumbled up together like they are, then it is your choice. Using this function is an option for simplifying things, it isn't a compulsion
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    Thank you

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