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    Supernatural: Welcome to the Jungle

    Supernatural: Welcome to the Jungle

    Year: 2005

    For eons the unknown has plagued mankind. Things that go bump in the night. Demons that wreak destruction on mankind. And for eons the Hunters have opposed them. They have exorcised demons. Dispelled hauntings. No true organization exists. Just determined men and women who see it as their duty to protect those that cannot protect themselves. They are not special. They have no super powers. They have just been introduced to the supernatural, either through birth or tragedy, and decided they could not sit on the wayside and do nothing about it.

    This is the tale of one such group of hunters. Each were once simply everyday citizens. They did not seek the answers to the unexplained. They were content to remain ignorant. Destiny, though, would not leave them to it. They were not made to do everyday jobs. Though they did not know it, they were meant to be Hunters. Together they are meant for things that still remain a mystery. They are a wildcard in the cosmic game between good and evil. But, whose hand do they reside in?

    The tale starts in a small town in rural Oregon. A convergence of sorts happened there. This was the home town of some. Others were just passing through. Each were caught up in things much larger than themselves. Each lost a loved one. Disappeared in the night. For their are followers of demons afoot. They are gathering people for a ritual. The blood of one who is loved is needed. They are summoning a very special demon. He is known as Berith. With his hate and ability to lure men to murder, the followers hope to start the apocalypse early.

    That is until they showed up. With the help of a couple of veteren Hunters, can Berith be stopped?


    Sam and Dean Winchester

    These two brothers have hunted for their whole life. They may seem to be ordinary Hunters but they have a much greater destiny. They take a special interest in the group early on. Dean has a more dominant personality while Sam is a bit queiter and introverted, especially since the death of Jessica. If you're a female, you better watch out around Dean. You may find yourself in his bed before you know what happened.

    Bobby Singer

    Bobby is a family friend of the Winchesters. Though they haven't seen each others in years. After the events of the first episode, the brothers recommend the team seek him out for help and instruction. He will bestow the knowledge they need to survive in the supernatural world.


    The things that go bump in the night: Demons? Check. Ghosts? Check. Demigods? Check. We stand against them all.

    Episode Plots

    Episode 1, Runnin' With the Devil: In a small town in rural Oregon named Tifton strange things are afoot. People are going missing and the police can't do anything. Thats when Sam and Dean show up. They know that the disappearances are not natural. They are here to find out what it is.

    Interlude: After they lose their loved ones and stop Berith the group decides to take the advice of the brothers and seek out Bobby. They are bestowed with a priceless gift.

    Episode 2, Hotel California: While going to Sacramento to investigate some omens, the team stays the night in a roadside hotel. They soon find out that something isn't quite right about the place. The guests are hiding something. The staff also hides a secret. They soon find out they can check out anytime they like but they can never leave.

    Episode 3, TBA

    The Cast:

    1. Jason Stark played by ShadowPaladin

    Bio Template:


    Age: (18-30)

    Appearance: (Please use a real person, written description optional)


    Weapon: (Either you have a shotgun from your past profession or Sam and Dean will provide one. Salt packed shotgun shells are a main weapon that we will be using.)


    History: (3 Paragraphs minimum. Please include why you are in Tifton, Oregon. You either live there or are passing through for some reason. Include in the last paragraph someone you love being kidnapped. You are then approached by Dean and Sam, who are posing as FBI agents. You get suspicious and follow them to their hotel.)

    Extra Info:


    - No Godmodding
    - No first come, first serve, unless I feel the bio is deserving enough.
    - Unfinished bios will be immediately rejected.
    - Posts on the game should be at least 1 paragraph long but no one liners.
    - Post as often as possible, 1 or 2 posts a day minimum.
    - Relationships and friendships are encouraged.
    - If you are going to be away for a long period of time, try your best to find a way to inform me. If you fail to do so, I will be forced to take control of your character for you and most likely kill him/her off for the sake of another person that may want to join.
    - Have fun!

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    Jason Stark





    Bounty Hunter


    Enforcer Sawed off Shotgun

    M9 Beretta


    Jason is a bit abrasive. Its not that he is mean spirited, its just the way he is. This has gotten him in a bit of trouble in the past, which is why he joined the profession that he did. He likes to party and loves women. He isn't the best guy in the world, but he's not a bad guy. He just likes to get wild every now and again.

    Jason has went through some hard times in his life. While he loves his one night stand, he hasn't ever really committed. Its a personal flaw of his. Its not even only just a problem with women, its something that goes on throughout his life. He's always had problems with finishing. He acknowledges this problem though. He just hasn't shown any sign of changing anytime soon.


    Jason was born into a family of police officers in northern Tennessee. His father was one, his grandfather one. His dad always assumed that he would be one too. His death, when Jason was eight, was probably a blessing then. Jason had never wanted to join the local PD. Just wasn't what he thought he wanted to do. With the death of his dad, Jason became a lot closer to his younger brother, John. He was two years younger than him. They always seemed to get into mischief together. His mother had to work two jobs to support her two children and at the age of thirteen, Jason started helping out by working on a local farm. For the rest of the time he was home, he always had a job and helped his mother support them.

    At eighteen, Jason enlisted in the Army. He wasn't particularly patriotic or anything. He just needed the money. His family needed the money. He went through basic training and came out a different man. Harder, stronger. He served one year at a local base before the attacks on the World Trade Center happened. Soon he was shipped off to Afghanistan. He learned much about himself there. Nearly dieing multiple times. However, his time in the Army came to an end when he and a lower ranking women became involved. Their affair was exposed and he was dishonorable discharged. He rebounded quickly though and started his own Bounty Hunting business. He used the things he learned in the military to become very good at it.

    While Jason was in the Army, John enlisted into the Police Academy. He graduated and joined the local PD. When Jason started his business, he invited his brother to join him. His brother refused. At least until their mother died. Two days after Jason's twenty first birthday, she died. John decided he couldn't live in the town where both his father and mother died. He joined Jason and the two earned a modest living bounty hunting. They did this for two years. Recently they got a tip that a bounty had been spotted in Tifton, Oregon. They packed up and headed straight there.

    When they got there they did some research. They checked into one of the local motel and that night they fell into a deep sleep, both exhausted by the long drive. Jason woke up to find John gone. The door locks had been broken. Jason did not understand how he had not woken up when that happened. He called the police and showed them what happened. They said this wasn't the first kidnapping. That some of the locals had experienced the same. They said they would let him know when they found something. About an hour later he got a knock on his motel door, with fresh new locks on it. Two FBI agents were on his doorstep. They said they were investigating the disappearances. Jason told them what he knew. They thanked him and left. Jason watched as the car pulled away. As it left, he saw it had no government plates. He knew that FBI agents would have government plates. He knew something wasn't right. So he got into his SUV and followed them to their hotel on the opposite side of town. What he found there changed his life.

    Extra Info:

    Jason has a southern drawl. Not the redneck kind. The southern gentlemen kind.

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    Name: Kale Wesson

    Age: 22


    Occupation: N/A

    Weapon: Salt-Loaded Shotgun and Dual S&W .500 Magnums

    If Kale is anything than it's determined. Everything he sets his mind on, he pursues until it's his. That's just the way it's always been for him. It's how he was raised, to never give up. To him, it's his focus that determines his reality. And if he ever loses sight of that focus than he might as well lose sight of himself. So he keeps fighting for what he wants (or needs) until he can't draw another breath.

    Of course, that driven persona leads Kale to have a very thick-headed personality. His stubborn tendencies have gotten him into more trouble than he can count and if anything kills him, it'll be because of them. But his heart is always in the right place. He hates seeing others get hurt or picked on and so he's always running into fights that aren't his. This can result in a licking sometimes but he always makes sure to come out on top in the end. That's just the kind of guy he is.

    Kale was born and raised in Tifton, Oregon with his twin sister, Kasey. Their mom died due to childbirth complications, something that crushed their dad immensely. Left to raise two kids, their father tried as hard as he could to manage but after finally breaking under the pressure, he left both of his children at an adoption agency when they were only four years old. Kale and Kasey were confused and heartbroken but somehow they survived as Kale took on the parental role for his younger sister, who had stopped speaking completely after the entire incident unfolded.

    Years later, after never being adopted, the two left the orphanage in search of a better life, or a life period really. Kale continued doing gymnastics and martial arts, skills he had picked up from the orphanage caretaker, while Kasey decided to pick up playing the violin. Both had dreams of becoming famous one day but knew that it was probably never going to happen. However, little did he know that soon his life would take control and send his destiny spiraling into a different direction...

    Kale had one day come home to his apartment to find Kasey being forcefully taken out the window onto the fire escape. But when Kale tried to stop the man, he was telekinetically flung backward against the wall and held there until he passed out from some kind of asphyxiation. Kale could have sworn he saw the kidnapper's eyes glaze black, before he blacked out from the lack of oxygen. After coming to, he called the police but was given little to no help in finding his sister. Being an orphan, he had little to no connections in the outside world. The police were less than helpful and his only lead, lead him into a brick wall.

    After hitting his dead end, Kale was all about ready to give up until he was approached by two so-called FBI agents who questioned him on on the disappearance of his sister, something common for the FBI to investigate. Excited at first, Kale gave up all the information he could but something just didn't seem right about the two. They were too young to be FBI partners. Kale knew for a fact that younger agents were paired with older ones for the experience. Plus the outfits just screamed Mulder and Scully. It didn't feel real... So Kale decided to do a little of his own detective work and follow them back to the motel they were staying at.

    Kale would wait until he could get a solid identification that the two were not FBI before acting. The last thing he needed was being wanted for blowing the heads off of two real government agents. He may not have known who they were but Kale was a master at spotting liars, and he could tell that those two knew more than they were telling.

    Other Facts:
    Once out of the orphanage, Kale knew he wanted two things...a gun and a car. He bought himself an old, beat up, black '67 Mustang from some really old guy who was letting it go for nothing, and over the years, he fixed it up and made it into his baby.

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    Name: Isaac Donnelly

    Age: 25


    Occupation: Unemployed Ex-Convict/Hired Assassin

    Weapons: Lupara and dual 1911 Night Hawk Pistols

    Personality: Don't mess with Isaac. That's the first and foremost rule you have to abide by in his company. Isaac isn't the nicest guy on Earth, quite the opposite. Many would call him cold-blooded, coming from the life that he left behind. The reputation he has earned has turned many of his friends against him and earned the trust of people he'd rather forget about. Because of this Isaac is usually alone and prefers it to be this way. He's a man with nothing to lose and has absolutely no fear of dying. His soul has been corrupted beyond repair and this damaged man is only a hollow of his former self, walking the Earth searching for a purpose.

    History: Isaac was born into life's unpleasantries. His parents couldn't take care of him and forced him to live with his Grandmother, who raised him in a stable, church-exposed environment. But the poverty was taking over and Isaac found himself wondering the streets of his neighborhood often in order to find something to keep his mind off of it. He was very intelligent, getting excellent grades in school. He was a good kid at heart, fun-loving and moderately popular amongst his classmates.

    At the age of 18, life changed dramatically for Isaac. He graduated as valedictorian of his high school class and it was a tremendously proud day for him and his grandmother. As they walked out of the stadium where the ceremony was being held, shots were fired in their direction, narrowly missing him but hitting his grandmother directly in the heart. She was killed almost instantly. Isaac was thunderstruck. He boarded himself up in his grandmother's house for several months, never leaving, the depression slowly taking him ove. It wasn't until he was flushed out by a group of black-covered assassins, the same ones that attacked him and his grandmother, that he snapped out of his melancholy state and into action. The anger of his grandmother's death caused him to snap and go on a short but brutal murdering frenzy, resulting in the assassins' gorey death. Blood was everywhere in the house and as one fled down the street of his neighborhood, he chased him down and stabbed him to death with a shard of mirror in front of a group of children who happened to be playing outside at the time.

    Isaac was arrested for Involuntary Manslaughter of the final assassin(the others were considered self-defense) and given several years in prison, which was where life slowly began to collapse for him. Isaac was forced to defend himself from the sadistic killers that he was surrounded by but it was the way that he did so, that got him noticed. A few inmates tried to sneak up on him at random times and attack him but he was able to kill them so swiftly that no one could ever find out who committed the murder. It was then that he was given the nickname, "The Virus," as it was around this time that he began to get contracts from outside sources, mainly mobsters and other criminals, who wanted him to kill former employees that were now incarcerated, either in order to stop them from becoming informants or to kill those that already were. He became a jail Assassin, a shadowy figure that committed hits so swiftly that some of his victims' bodies were never found.

    Isaac had the money for each assassination put into a bank account outside of the jail. His final contract was against one of his closest friends in the prison, a man that was one of the reasons why he was able to get a reputation for this in the first place. He cornered him in an unwatched area of a courtyard and stabbed him in the neck with a pencil before walking away. All of the inmates knew that it was his doing and it was at that time that they lost any respect they had for him. He'd killed a friend, which meant he'd most likely do it again, given the chance. They shunned him and Isaac was alone once again. Inside, Isaac was burning with regret over his actions, over his life. He begged for death. Fortunately, it was around this time that Isaac, ironically, made parol and at the age of 24, was released from prison and was back in the real world.

    Isaac went to the bank, retrieved the money he'd made from the assassinations, and tried to connect with an old flame, who revealed that she'd moved on with her life and didn't need him anymore. With no where else to go and no one to turn to, Isaac spent the next year wandering from place to place, living in his car but using the money to buy food and other supplies, washing himself at community showers and constantly traveling. He didn't need nor did he want anything else, even with the large amount of money he'd accumulated. Every murder that he'd committed in the past killed part of his humanity, so now he was only a surviving animal. He was only 25 and he knew he wouldn't be able to endure this kind of pain much longer. His journey across the country eventually took him to Tifton, Oregon, where he met a lovely young woman at a diner, named Daniella. When she went on her break, she took the time to talk to him and he told him her about his life, to which she sympathized with. He knew he shouldn't have let her into his life, but he did anyway and the two began to date, falling in love quickly. It had been a few months before he lost contact with Daniella abruptly. It was strange. He tried calling her, then checked her house but he couldn't find her. He confronted the police but no one seemed to be willing to help him.

    Isaac was on the verge of giving up until he was confronted by two mysterious FBI Agents who asked him about the situation to which he had no information to give them. Before leaving, they mentioned something about knowing about his "activities" during his incarceration. This prompted Isaac to later believe that these two Agents had kidnapped her for federal reasons, in order to get something out of him for his assassinations. He had to investigate and get her back as soon as possible before things got out of hand. So he followed them to their hotel. If there was any possible way to save the one thing in his life that was actually worth living for, he'd go through all of the motions to make sure that she was not lost.

    Extra Info:

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    Bio Template:

    Name: Miranda Jenson

    Age: 24


    Occupation: Flight Attendant

    Weapon: Salt packed shotgun shells

    Miranda is an outgoing girl and really enjoys the outdoors. She is also known to be a family person. She spends a lot of time with her sister and they two get along really well even though they have nothing in common but relation to one another. Miranda though isn’t one to get irritated easily; otherwise she probably wouldn’t enjoy her job as much. Although when she is upset she tends to shut her mouth and completely shut down. She doesn’t yell or cry or anything of the sort, she just seems to get in some invisible shell and once she is over the problem she comes back to her normal self. Though one of the things that people love about her the most is that she is lovable and extremely caring, in her high school days some of her closer friends gave her the nick name ‘care bear’ after the old cartoon series.

    Miranda was born and raised in Tifton, Oregon. Her parents were both cops so she and her younger sister Michelle grew up in the suburb life. They lived in a pretty brick house with the traditional white picket fence in front of it. When her mother had had her younger sister, she became a stay at home mother, so luckily Miranda always had someone around at home to take care of her and of her younger sister. Miranda though was slightly a geek. She grew up loving to watch the travel and history channels on TV. Her mother wasn’t sure where her daughter got this interest but it didn’t matter. It made Miranda stick out and she liked that about her. Miranda on the other hand loved her interest. One day she wanted to go and travel the world and see literally everything, even though she was just seven years old.

    Miranda was known to have a strong mind and personality. She was never a fan of school, especially homework. But one of the things that got her through school was that every year her mother and father promised her that if she got good grades in school they could go on vacation that summer to an exotic location. Throughout the years her family traveled to Spain, London, Australia, Mexico, New York City, and even Tokyo. Although by the time she was in high school, she got involved in a lot of clubs so it took up most of her time, so the vacations had been held off for a while. Not to mention she was running out of journals and photo albums filled from all her journeys.

    By the time she was a senior in high school she was very happy and felt like nothing could go wrong with her life. She and her younger sister were getting along great (even though they were total opposites) and her parents were still happily married. Miranda was all preparation for college when she got some pretty shocking news. Her parents were unexpectedly having another baby. It was on no one’s agenda and she and the baby would at least be 18 years apart, plus she and Michelle were still in high school. It would be difficult to have a baby around, but her mother insisted that Miranda stay home to help. So she did after high school. Her mother gave birth to a baby boy and they named him Michael. Miranda was in no shock they her mother named another kid with an ‘M.’

    Miranda stayed home for two years to help take care of her brother, while her sister got the opportunity to go to New York on a fashion design scholarship. Miranda admitted she was jealous, but she was happy for her sister at the same time. She herself wanted to go out and start college and follow her dream of traveling the world. When she spoke to her parents about this, they agreed that they no longer needed her help in taking care of Michael and they let her go ahead and move on to college. She finished her associates very quickly and also found a great job that let her travel the world, being a flight attendant. It was a pretty easy going job, serving passengers and ect. Although she enjoyed it. In fact that was how she met her current Fiancé Brennan. He was upset at a flight delay and she was the only flight attendant he had ever met that could calm him down. Since then they had been together.

    One day while they were visiting her family in Oregon, Brennan never came home from the store. Miranda then became very worried and reported to the police. It had been a week when suddenly FBI agents came to the door, they were around her age but to her they looked nothing like FBI agents. She didn’t want to argue and she let them in and answered some questions, after they left she felt an inner instinct to follow them and see what really was going on, and what happened to Brennan.

    Extra Info:
    Her younger Sister Michell [view]

    Her younger brother Michael [view]

    Her fiance Brennan [view]

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    Name: Dani Kristine

    Age: 19


    Occupation: Student

    Weapon: To be provided by Dean….coz screw Sam!

    Personality: Dani is very strong willed who will always follow trough on what she intends to and doesn’t have failure in her vocabulary. Dani is a very creative person and is constantly letting her creative juices flow. Dani is level headed and easy to talk to making her a popular person to want to be around as she doesn’t judge, accepts people and gets on well with pretty much everyone.

    History: Dani was born on the 11th of November to Lenny and Jill Kristine at 11:53 am, she has one older sister, one younger sister and one younger brother. Her father Lenny was a music producer and her mother was a teen scream queen of horror films, these professions rubbed of on Dani who at an early age began to show signs of acting, playing music and pretty much anything creative she could try. This went on for al her early life, though Dani began to focus less on making music and more on dancing to it though she could never shake the acting bug.

    During high school Dani began to lose interest in acting instead opting to learn more about what goes on behind the camera. During high school she became one of the more popular students often associating with the ‘it’ crowd and never seemed to be alone. This trend continued right through to college where she majored in media studies and was quickly scooped up into a sorority.

    Dani was given an assignment to make a documentary about a current events article, she went back to her room that night and flicked through some papers and did some searching online and came across numerous situations where people were disappearing under rather mysterious circumstances and decided that getting to the bottom of it would make a terrific documentary. Dani along with her best friend Beth took a road trip around the country visiting all the locations where the mysterious events had taken place and interviewed the relatives of those that had disappeared. Most of the interviews didn’t really lead to much though most of them did share something in common, well two things in common, two guys who would show up a few days after the events had happened, sometimes as F.B.I agents, sometimes as insurance brokers it always seemed to change but the descriptions of the two never did and there was also the exact same car in everyone’s story.

    One night while they were stopping in Tifton, Oregon Dani decided to stay in the hotel and edit the documentary she was working on while Beth went to a local bar to hopefully pick up a strong charming lad. When Dani woke Beth wasn’t in her bed and wouldn’t answer her phone and she begun to worry but decided she should look around the town just incase there was a plausible explanation, maybe she was too busy to answer her phone, maybe she had meet someone the night before and was still sleeping it off. While searching the town she noticed a car, it was black and looked as everyone had described and in that moment Dani forgot all about Beth and she pulled out a small handy cam and begun to document her adventure as she waited for two guys to enter the car. They matched the descriptions people had given her, and she followed the car when it took off which was an easier task then she thought it would be given the size of the small town, when the car had parked and the two guys exited she moved closer and noticed she was back at her hotel and they were knocking on the door to her room…

    Extra Info: Always carries a handy cam around with her

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    I like all the profiles. I know at least one other person is going to apply, maybe a couple more. So I'll hold off on the decision whether to include anyone.

    Ok, to critique each.

    Heart of the Force, first of all their is only one yellow eyed demon in the Supernatural lore. We'll be dealing with the black eyed kind. Second, we're not being targeted on purpose. Its just random attacks (though to have someone who loves them IS a requirement). So Kasey would have to be kidnapped in Tifton. These guys aren't going to go long distance when they could get everything they need around them.

    Onlyne, I really like your profile. I think it would be a nice addition to have someone that the group couldn't really trust (when or if they find out about your past). I haven't really found something I'd change other than its Tifton, not Trifton (a typo Heart made too, weird).

    Darklight, I'm glad someone finally made the hometown girl. Just a regular person caught up in bad events.

    ImBillPardy, I like the concept of your bio. Especially the part where you have pieced together Dean and Sam's exploits and how they seem to be around everything weird. I'll assume you wanted us to assume you talked to them and followed them after they talked to you. Thats how it should be anyway.

    Just for reference, this game starts sometime after Phantom Traveler (in season 1)

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    Fixed, sorry I was sleep-deprived and rushing when I wrote the first draft. Knew I'd have to fix it later.

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    Ok, I want to start this next week. If anyone else wants to join, please apply over the weekend or the start of next week. I know one person is going to.

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    Name: Ken Yuudai

    Age: 30


    Occupation: Former Yakuzal/executive salesmen

    Weapon: SW1911 9mm pistol and switchblade

    Personality: Calm, quiet, and collected ken was the embodiment of tranquil. At least thats what you would think if you had never lived in japan. Underneath the contentment and sagely demeanor lies the soul of a murderer. Ken has done many terrible things in his life most of which he knows have earned him an express ticket to hell. And now with the abduction of his daughter he has reverted back to his old ways. Cold, quiet, and to the point he prefers his solitude above all else. To him others only create more problems and all that matters is recovering his precious Aiya.

    History: Ken grew up in an orphanage in Tokyo Japan. Having nothing for most of his life ken learned that life was mostly pain and suffering unless you grabbed your destiny by the head and caved its face in with a rock. Only the strong survive while the weak just lay down and die. This line of thinking eventualy led ken into falling in with the shady underbelly of japan. As he grew older he slowley worked his way up the ranks of the local yakuza sect. With them he felt he could achieve true greatness and over time his violent tendencies escalated fueled by his aspirations for power and "the easy life".

    By the time Ken had reached twenty one he was well on his way to being the the next in line for leadership. With his clans leader slowly weakening due to poor health it was only a matter of time until his dreams would be realized. On the new years of his 24th birthday Ken met the love of his life. Her name was Ayame, call it fate, call it destiny, whatever it was for the first time in his life Ken had found someone who loved him. Carefree and gentle Ayame provided the stability and compassion ken desperately needed. They were two halves of a whole and within a year they were married. Soon after Ken received news that he was to be a father. Things were moving quickly and he was well on his way to becoming the new leader of the local yakuza. However his newfound power had transformed him into a danger not only to himself but his family as well.

    Kens past had managed to catch up to him and as a result his wife was injured from an attempt on his life. The resulting trama from the assasination attempt drove her into early child birth. She was rushed to the hospital and was given the best care money could buy but even that was not enough. The strain was to much for his wifes body and she died giving birth to his daughter Aiya. Suddenly life was meaningless again ken had acheived all the power he had wanted but even then he was to weak to save his wife. He no longer wanted this life. Alone with only his daughter ken made the executive decision to hand over his mantel and devote himself to his daughter. It was all meaningless now there was no honor or happiness with being feared. Ken abandoned his blood stained past, he left japan and moved to Chicago where he worked towards building a life worthy of his beloved daughter. Because to him there is no greater honor then being a father, and with his new title Ken slowly melted away the brutal persona of his past. Its been five years now and He's now a middleaged single father supporting his daughter with a legitimate salesmen job.

    Life had finally managed to take a turn for the better, Until last week.The night it happened still echoes within Kens mind. It was a regular Thursday night, Ken had carried Aiya to her room and gently plopped her down on her bed. She smiled warmly and hugged her daddy's waste before begging him to read her another bed time story. Ken remembers chuckling to himself as he brushed the bangs from his daughters face and gave in to her big brown pleading eyes. He read her Cinderella, her favorite. By the time the fairy godmother had turned the pumpkin into a carriage She had softly drifted off to sleep. Ken tucked her in and turned off the lights. It was around 9:30 and he still needed to finish his expense reports for this meeting tomorrow. He poured himself a bottle of scotch and reviewed his reports. Perhaps old age was getting to him or perhaps someone had spiked the scotch, either way after that Ken remebers being woken up by a loud crash followed by a scream from his daughters room. He ripped open the drawer and grabbed his pistol, he barrled down the hallway and to his daughters room. The screaming continued as ken wrestled with bed room door. It refused to open so Ken furiously kicked the door down. His daughter was gone and in her place stood a man wearing a trench coat. The man began to advance towards ken resulting in four bullets to the chest. The man dropped to the ground slumped over. Ken advanced towards the man and began riffleing through his pockets. All that was there however was the receipt to a clothing store in Tifton, Oregon. No wallet, no id, just the receipt. The man grabbed Ken by the throat and threw him into the nearest wall. Things begin to go hazy after that, ken remembers looking up at the man before passing out, he remembers the mans cold smile, and oozing bullet wounds. But most of all the he remembers the mans eyes, those black soulless eyes.

    After that Ken remembers waking up in the hospital and being questioned by the police on what happened. Ken claimed it was a kidnapping and told the police what happened but little resulted from it. The police claimed there were no leads on "the man with a trench coat" especially one who had been shot in the chest four times. They even went so far as to insinuate that ken had murdered his own daughter and that this was all some horrible attempt at a cover up. Frustrated and out of options Ken called in the last of his favors and tracked down the store on the receipt. Despite the objections of the local police ken left the area and pursued the trail. However it had gone cold, the store clerk working there claimed that so many people came in and out of the store that it was impossible to keep track of them all. Ken was at the end of his rope, he grabbed the store clerk and pulled out his switch blade. The man screamed for help as two young men grabbed ken and pulled him off of the clerk. The men flashed some badges and asked ken to follow them outside. They claimed to know about his daughters abduction and said they could help. They handed him the address to a local hotel and room number. It was doubtful that they could offer any assistance, for all ken knew they were responsible for his daughters kidnapping. But for the sake of his daughter he had to take any lead he could get.

    Extra info: Since he is from japan Ken is fluent in Japanese. However he prefers to speak in english which he speaks with a hint of an accent. He also has some training in martial arts though i doubt this will come in handy with fighting demons.

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