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    Power Rangers: Guardian Angels

    Power Rangers
    Guardian Angels

    "The Angels are flying so low..."

    Casting Calls | Discussion | Game

    Year: 2010

    Location: Angel Grove, California

    Storyline: According to ancient legend and prophecies, the planet known by humans as Earth was to meet its destruction about two millenniums after the beginning of Anno Domini. The legend states that all shall perish on Doomsday. However, the legend also mentions the guidance of a group of celestial figures that would protect the people of the world. Likewise, these individuals were known as Guardian Angels.

    These Angels had majestic power and wielded superhuman abilities that were fantastic. However, they only appeared on Earth when they were seriously needed in order to protect the world's civilians. Sometime Before Christ, a sinister evil came over the world in the form of matter that a higher power God created. This dastardly energy was focused into what many people calls 'insects' and the beings slowly took demonic shape. The prime energy fed on a nocturnal insect, a moth, and the being evolved into a much greater figure until many other insects swarmed under the command of said moth. Soon, many of the insects that inhabited the Earth disappeared without a trace.

    Of course, several people did not noticed this sudden change in the environment, merely going along their way. But towards the end of B.C., it happened. A meteorite came crashing down onto the Earth, destroying a landmark area. A humanoid insect army attacked the Earth, massacring every human in sight. During the massacre, the divine being above sent out his fleet of angelic warriors from their base, known as Heaven's Tower, and sent them to aid the people. To the human's fortune, the Angels were successful in at least fending off the swarming insect army and sealed them in a distant planet several light-years away. After their task, the Angels disappeared, not before erasing the memories of the humans and everything they saw.

    Today, Angel Grove city lies directly on top of what once the last battlefield area between the Guardian Angels and the insect tribe known as The Swarm. And although the Power Rangers once were avid figured years ago in Angel Grove, there have been no signs of Power Rangers since the defeat of General Venjix and Serpentera after the reunion of past Red Rangers. Now, the Power Rangers are merely a thing of the past and the city and world is back to a state of normality. But little did the world know that The Swarm escaped their seal and became more intelligent; Intelligent enough to create a space craft that would allow them to return to Earth and create utter chaos in the form of natural disasters.

    Omega, a divine godly being, noticed this and immediately thought to reassemble a diverse squadron that could withstand The Swarm on Earth before it could be destroyed. To accommodate with the current times, Omega used his great power to create gear and weaponry that would coincide with the Guardian Angels' needs. But these individuals would be more than Angels; they would become known to the world as Power Rangers. The Swarm is nearing the Earth, and it was time for Omega to select retainers for each of the positions.

    Ranger Roles:

    |Red Angel Ranger| - OG-SG as Marcus Wright

    Gear: Omega Morpher, Morph Card, Angel Cards
    Weapons: Aero Sword, Omega Blaster, Dragon Header
    Element: Storms
    Spirit: Dragon

    |Pink Angel Ranger| - DarkLight: Emily Nelson

    Gear: Omega Morpher, Morph Card, Angel Cards
    Weapons: Wind Ray, Omega Blaster, Phoenix Header
    Element: Air
    Spirit: Phoenix

    |Black Angel Ranger| - Viper Strike: KJ Turner

    Gear: Omega Morpher, Morph Card, Angel Cards
    Weapons: Fissure Axe, Omega Blaster, Snake Header
    Element: Stone
    Spirit: Snake

    |Yellow Angel Ranger| - Bella Cullen: Evelyn Mason

    Gear: Omega Morpher, Morph Card, Angel Cards
    Weapons: Crater Claw, Omega Blaster, Tiger Header
    Element: Nature
    Spirit: Tiger

    |Blue Angel Ranger| - Sushi Samurai: Ralph St. Paul-Li
    Gear: Omega Morpher, Morph Card, Angel Cards
    Weapons: Depth Bow, Omega Blaster, Shark Header
    Element: Waves
    Spirit: Shark

    |Green Angel Ranger|

    Gear: Omega Morpher, Morph Card, Angel Cards
    Weapons: Frost Cannon, Omega Blaster, Whale Header
    Element: Snow
    Spirit: Whale

    Future/Potential Rangers: (Not Available)

    |Silver Angel Ranger| - Not Available

    Gear: N/A
    Weapons: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Spirit: N/A


    Omega - A divine being who communicates to the Rangers through their Omega Morphers. Omega takes the shape of a resembling monumental head and glows when he speaks. His main objective is to keep the world he looks over protected and in safe keeping, which is why he selects unique individuals to become Guardian Angels over the Earth.

    Darray - The second 'mentor' to the Rangers, Darray is an arcade-game resembling figure who was sent to Earth by Omega. Darray shows brilliant intelligence, but also is very clumsy and a bit quirky at times. In a way, Darray is also the Rangers' communication device to Omega.

    Professor Ivan Cortez - The Professor was selected by Omega to become a human companion to the Rangers. Cortez's son is currently held in a hospital and on the verge of death due to an unknown illness. He looks at his task of helping Omega as an agreement with the God to restore his son to good health.

    The Swarm:

    Created from dark energy in ancient Earth times that took over insect organisms, The Swarm is an intergalactic evil organization bent on overtaking the Earth and claiming it as its own. The make of each swarm member is based on an insect native to the Earth, having humanoid characteristics.

    Scalos - The leader of The Swarm. Scalos has his eyes set on destroying every planet in the universe, mainly to flex his own muscles and prove that he indeed is the most powerful figure as far as the eye can see. He has a moth motif, but his attacks are far from the softness of a moth.

    Zyppin - Combat commander who has a reckless temper. He has two big claws on his hands and has a molten lava motif. His insect make is that of a preying mantis and his attacks are based on meteors.

    Cotras - The most intelligent underling of The Swarm. He is in charge of making the monsters enlarge. His insect make is that of a fruit fly.

    Demon Bug Soldiers - Neon green insect foot soldiers, they wield one twisted blade each.


    The Guardian Angels' Zords are based on ancient animal spirits. Each Zord starts off as a header before connecting to human created mechanisms and fully becoming Zords.

    Dragon - Connecting with an airplane, the Dragon Header becomes the full fledged Dragon.

    Phoenix - Connecting with a jet, the Phoenix Header becomes the full fledged Phoenix

    Snake - Connecting with a locomotive, the Snake Header becomes the full fledged Snake.

    Tiger - Connecting with a bulldozer, the Tiger Header becomes the full fledged Tiger.

    Shark - Connecting with a vessel, the Shark Header becomes the full fledged Tiger.

    Gear & Weapons:

    Omega Morpher - The Rangers place their Angel Cards inside this device, which reads the cards, to transform into Rangers. It is kept on the left side of their belt and is also used to summon weapons.

    Angel Cards - The Rangers have several cards used for morphing, summoning weapons, and other functions.

    Omega Blaster - This is the personal sidearm of the ranger. The Spirit Headers can be attached to the muzzle for more power.

    Spirit Headers (Dragon, Phoenix, Snake, Tiger, and Shark) - The Headers contain the spirits of the Ranger's animals. They can be attached to the Omega Blasters to form an elemental upgrade or transform into full Zords.

    Aero Sword - Red's exclusive sword, conducts his Storm Slash with the power of the Dragon.

    Wind Ray - Pink's exclusive weapon conducts her Air Buster with the aide of the Phoenix.

    Fissure Axe - Black's exclusive axe conducts his Rock Edge with the aide to the supple snake.

    Crater Claw - Yellow's exclusive claw weapon and conducts her Quake Shock attack with the help of her tiger.

    Depth Bow - Blue's exclusive bow gun dispatches the attack River Torpedo with the speed of the Shark.

    Morph Sequence:

    [NAME] opened the jaw card slot of the Omega Morpher as the device said in Omega's voice, 'Standby!' He/She then held her Angel Card up to the side of his/her face and shouted, "Angel Card!" Soon afterward, the card lit up before showing a picture of the [COLOR] Ranger on the face of the card. [NAME] quickly held back the Omega Morpher as he/she slid the [COLOR] Angel Card into the slot, "Guardian...!"

    With his/her free arm and hand, [NAME] circled his/her arm downward in a clockwise motion while moving the hand holding the Omega Morpher upward in a clockwise motion until the morpher was held directly up in the air. Bringing together his/her free hand and the hand that held the morpher, [NAME] pressed together jaw card slot of the Omega Morpher as the eyes lit up in a lime green color and the jewel on its head started to glow in a red color, "...Angel!"

    The sky above [NAME] began to glow in a bright [COLOR] color and he/she held his/her morpher into the sky before dropping his/her arms, being consumed by the [COLOR] angel energy. [NAME] was covered in the lower half of his/her Ranger suit before posing as angel wings sprouted from his/her back. The wings unified with the chest piece of the suit, forming the [Sky (Red and Pink)/Land (Black and Yellow)/Sea (Blue)] Tribe symbol. The spirit of the [Spirit] emerged from behind [NAME] and engulfed his/her head, forming the helmet.

    [NAME] reappeared in a heavenly-like cloud setting with the sun shining behind him. Posing heroically, he/she shouted, "[The Sky power of Storms, Red Angel Ranger!/The Sky power of Air, Pink Angel Ranger!/The Land power of Stone, Black Angel Ranger!/The Land power of Nature, Yellow Angel Ranger!/The Sea power of Waves, Blue Angel Ranger!]"


    1. This RP is not first come, first serve. I'm really meticulous about who I select in an RP and I will judge based upon your bio and previous roleplaying history. I'll be doing a little research, .

    2. If you are going to apply for this RP, you must be a regular poster. Even if you do leave for a moment, you must tell me in advance so that your fellow RPers and your Game Master know ahead of time.

    3. When posting your Bio, please color code the description slots (Name, Age, etc.) so that I can easily know what role you are applying for.

    4. Also, in your character RP, have a unique history and personality. I don't want cookie cutter characters. In addition, your characters knows nothing about The Swarm and the legend of the Power Rangers about a decade ago. However, they do not believe that Power Rangers will ever return.

    5. Have fun with this RP and let's make this one a successful, please. If you find this RP interesting, please notify your friends!

    Power Rangers: Guardian Angels

    Thank you to everyone who applied, and for those who made it, welcome to the Roleplay! All you need to know will be answered in this summary of the game.

    Setting: As of the first post, it's a wonderful spring evening at the Angel Grove Rec Center. There is a talent show going on for Angel Grove High School students and you have to be an absolute loser not to be there. The sun is slowly setting as people are gathering by the large stage with lights beaming on it as well as the judges who are off to the side.

    First Posts: Have your character make their way (if they are not already there) to the talent show. Communicate with your environment for about two posts and then the fun begins after Marcus performs his new rap song "Angels".

    My Post

    Marcus Wright

    Walking around the stage area for the talent show, Marcus helped many of the sound and lights crew set up the stage so that it would be perfect for the talent show. People were already coming in from all corners of the city and were anxious to see what talent the Angel Grove High School students had to offer. Although he was helping with the effects of the show, Marcus too was in the talent show, wanting to display his skills as a rapper, as well as a singer. "Make sure you have the sound adjusted to a volume high enough where the bass booms, but at the same time the audience doesn't feel the vibrations so much in their body." He said to a sounding official before walking off the stage and looking into the now much thicker crowd. He smiled as he saw a few familiar faces in the standing audience and he waved slightly to his comrades. Marcus absolutely loved the spotlight and absorbed everything that came with it: lights, camera, action!

    A few moments later, Marcus walked back stage, taking this opportunity to change clothes and get ready for his act. He nodded at a few of the contestants, wishing them luck as he headed to his curtain area where he changed into a red and black plaid button up shirt, fitted blue jeans, and red, black, and white tennis shoes. Looking at himself in the mirror, Marcus liked what he saw and he began to recite his lyrics to himself, trying to figure out the best facial expression to go with his lyricism. From this room, he heard the master of ceremonies call to the stage a young female student by the name of Audre. Audre was an associate of Marcus and she was... a bit off. Her talent was playing the cello, which really didn't appeal to the Angel Grove crowd. Marcus chuckled to himself as he said, "Little does everyone know that Audre probably will be a billionaire in the future. But until then, Audre shouldn't be playing the cello. Not in this century anyway."


    A giant moth-based creature stood over a viewing globe of a land unknown, peering into the city of Angel Grove, "This city... this wretched city is where we once stomped and preyed over all. Until we were ambushed out of own abode and confined to where we are today." Scalos turned to face his two Commanders and he snarled slightly, "Well, from this moment on, The Swarm will be taking back what is rightfully ours! We shall return to our home and destroy every single breathing human being in our path! Zyppin, if you would be so kind..."

    A preying-mantis insect with a molten lava motif wandered over to a 'window' of the transporting mechanism and yielded up a ton of flaming energy. Once the energy reached meteoric proportions, Zyppin sent the meteor hurling towards the Earth at an extremely alarming rate. Held within this meteor were several insect humanoid The Swarm dubbed Demon Bug Soldiers. It was only a matter of time before this meteor would strike the city of Angel Grove's talent show.

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    Emily Nelson:

    She finished setting up the final vase on the shelf. Her boss then walked in and patted her on the back. "Good job Emily, you're getting better everday." Emily smiled back and replied, "Of course I am." Many people though she was selfish like that, but that was just her personality. Her boss walked over to the cash register and pulled out some money to count, as she did so she spoke again. "So are you heading over to the talent show?" Emily was still new in town but she had heard that you're an obsolute joke if you don't go. "Of course, I would miss it," she replied. She walked over and handed her some seeds. "These were returned- wrong kind." Her boss nodded and put them in a drawer. "I wont be able to go, unfortunatly my daughter is still sick, but I know my husband is planning to tape it, so hopefully I'm not ruined." Emily smiled.

    She started taking off her apron and clocked out. "Thanks Boss, I am off," she said as she clocked out. The high school was just around the block so she could walk there. As she made her way, she noticed what a beautiful day it was and shef figured she would eat her dinner later tonight on the porch, since it was so nice. Hey she might as well ask her neighbor Ellie to join her,

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    Evelyn "Evy" Cassandra Mason

    Tonight was the talent show. It was all everyone could talk about ever since the day that the idea came up. And it would seem that you would considered some kind of a bonehead if you weren't going to the show. But, it would seem that Evelyn would be in that category, because she got stuck with another hour of work, while her co-worker, Christine, got to get off a little early, and go to the talent show. It's not like Evy cared or anything, she thought that the show was a complete waste of time. Being there, was better that being stuck as her boring job.

    It wasn't even busy either. Everyone was going to the talent show. And just as she was finishing some of the clean up, her boss; Greg, came in. "Alright Eve, I'm going to close up early because of the show going on tonight. But, it doesn't look like we're going to get real busy." he said.

    With her back to him, Eve rolled her eyes. "No, really?" she said sarcastically under her breath.

    "What was that?" asked Greg, as he walked up to where Evy was.

    "Nothing." she said, putting on a smile that felt like plastic to her. "I was just saying thanks." Then she walked behind the counter, gathered her things, and was out the do. "See you later!" See you a lot later, she thought as she walked down the road to the school.

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