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    Post-Discussion: Episode 14.07: Fire Heart

    The team spies on Necrolai via Rootcore's tech, and uses magic to copy a map she's recently attained. It will lead them through the Cimmerian Forest, up against strange creatures, giant spiders, and quicksand, all to claim the ancient power known as Fire Heart! All this, plus a Taxi Cab monster!

    It's named after the Cimmerian Planet it seems. And a return of the Crabby Cabby - sounds fun!

    Credit goes to (in order of appearance): Musks, Marty, Mak, Mak, Tim and KT

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    Sounds like a load of fun to watch, can't wait to see it.

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    another taxi cab monster great when was the last time in fairtails you seen a taxicab

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    Could be worse. Could be a bus.

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    No post-discussion yet?

    The ep was good.

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    Fire Heart was a decent episode
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    Yeah, that's all I can say about this episode. Decent, but nothing that hasn't been seen before.

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    Another great installment in The Mystic Force season. I loved it. 9/10.

    And the preview for the next episode looked great!

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    Another craptacular installment in The Mystic Force Season is more like it...

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    Why is it good? Why is it bed? Discuss these things people, -_-:

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