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    Power Rangers Ninja Storm/Kamen Rider Faiz: Tempest of the Orphenoch King

    ??Power Rangers Ninja Storm/Kamen Rider Faiz: Tempest of the Orphenoch King??

    This is my fic from PRE...sadly, it was in its prime when the site shut down. So...yeah. I think there's a pretty decent story behind it, so if you have a little free time and enjoy both PR and KR, pop a squat and see if you enjoy it. Anyways, here we go!


    Prologue: The Return of the King

    "I'll never leave you, my king," whispered Saeko Kageyama soothingly, stroking the rough head of the monster known as the Orphenoch King. They were lying next to one another, deep beneath the ruins of corporate Smart Brain.

    It had been months since the final battle in which the King had been struck down, fatally wounded, by the Riders. During that duration, the King had been laying, contemplating his defeat, planning his revenge, with his faithful Saeko by his side.

    Suddenly, the Orphenoch King sat up. Saeko sat up with him, startled. "What's wrong, your majesty?" she asked, grabbing his arm. He shook her off roughly and stood up, flexing the muscles that had been dormant for so long. Then, snorting blue flames, he plowed his way through the rubble of the Smart Brain company.
    The King was returning.


    Keitaro Kikuchi whistled a happy tune as he rode through Tokyo, a foolish grin on his face and a bundle of clean white clothes buckled securely to the back of his motorcycle. "Fulfilling my dream...of making everyone's laundry white, making every happy," he said to himself blissfully.

    Life had returned to normal after the final battle, months ago. Takumi, the hero of that battle, had returned home to Keitaro and Mari. Together, with their friends Mihara, Rina, and Kaido, they were successfully running a laundry business. Could life be any sweeter?

    Keitaro's lighthearted thoughts were punctured by the blaring sound of an eighteen-wheeler's horn. Looking to his right, Keitaro's eyes widened as he saw the massive truck charging its way toward him. His first thoughts was to keep the laundry clean; he unbuckled it and threw it aside, unwilling to get it be squashed and dirtied underneath the wheels of the truck.

    Bam! Keitaro's motorcycle went flying to the left...Keitaro's body flew to the right. His body landed with a sickening thud on the pavement of a relatively quiet street in the suburbs of Tokyo. The truck driver barrelled forth, apathetic.


    "You all need to think about your commitment to ninja training. Class dismissed." As the ninja students filed off, Shane Clark sat down wearily on a moss-covered rock.
    "I swear, being a sensei's gonna be the death of me someday. I don't know how much more these old bones can take," he said jokingly.

    Tori Hanson and Dustin Brooks sat down on the grass beside him. Dustin raised his hands in the air, turning his head side to side and taking a deep sniff every once in a while.

    "What are you doing?" asked Tori, a perplexed yet bemused look on her face.

    "What? Oh, this? I'm just letting the breeze clear out my armpits. Seriously, the better those little ninja dudes get, the more I sweat. Yeah, that smell? Moi." Dustin gave his armpits a slight whiff, cringed, and lowered his arms.

    Shane and Tori edged away from the oblivious Dustin. "That's really gross--" Tori was cut off by the sudden descent of a scroll from the sky. Shane leapt up skillfully and caught it. He opened it, read it, and passed it on to Tori. She took the scroll, registering the look on Shane's face. He looked so distressed; curious as to what could make Shane so nervous, she read it aloud:

    "Shane, Tori, Dustin. There has been a disturbance in the city. A strange monster has appeared, and began attacking humans. The Blue Bay Harbor police tried to contain it, but there have been casualties. Cam had three new Wind Morphers made. They are on their way. Please, save the city. -Sensei," Tori finished.

    "It's a bit sudden, don't you think?" said Shane. "I mean, since when--" A piece of metal struck him in the face. Grabbing it and glancing at it, Shane realized it was a red Wind Morpher, identical to the one he'd lost in the Abyss of Evil. "In any case, let's go."

    "Go where? Is there deodorant? I mean, seriously, come on, don't tell me you can't smell that." Dustin's morpher fell into his lap. "Dude, action? Effing sweet! Let's go."

    Shane smirked at his friend's antics, but the smile was wiped off his face as he thought about what was to come. "We're about to be Rangers again," he said to himself. "We've got our duties again."

    He turned to his friends. "Ready?" They nodded. "NINJA STORM, RANGER FORM!" they called out together. Then, jumping up and catching hold of their ninja hang gliders, they flew off toward the city.

    "Down there!" yelled Shane, diving down. He landed, looked up, and saw something that no ninja training could have prepared him for. It was a monster, all right, but nothing that resembled one of Lothor's freaky hemchmen. It had all the features of a rhino: huge, with tough leathery skin and a long menacing horn. IT had strange grey skin, stood on two legs, and carried a huge hammer. It looked straight at Shane, and spoke.

    "Do not get in my way, human. I might have to destroy you."

    "What are you?" Shane demanded. "You're not one of Lothor's goons. Who are you with?"

    "I am an Orphenoch. I work only for my King. Now, leave."

    "I'm afraid we can't do that," Tori cut in. "You're wreaking havoc in the city that we have to protect."

    "Yeah, you chose the wrong city to screw around in," Dustin added. "I think."

    The Orphenoch laughed, a cruel piercing laugh. Then he attacked. Swinging his hammer, he caught Shane in the chest; he advanced on Tori, thrusting the hammer at her. Dustin tried to counter the blow with a slash from his ninja sword, but the force broke Dustin's blade in two, and the hammer's momentum caught Tori in the side. "This is too easy," Rhino Orphenoch snorted as he hit Dustin with a punishing blow to the head.

    The Ninja Rangers retreated a couple yards, smoking emitting from their suits. "How is that guy so powerful?" Shane grunted. "Watch out!" The Orphenoch had charged again; this time, swinging his hammer in a full circle, he struck each Ranger a blow, sending them flying.

    "Retreat!" Shane ordered. The Rangers each performed a ninja trick and flitted away, leaving behind three plumes of smoke and three empty suits.

    The Orphenoch bellowed in victory. "Now, to destroy the city..."


    Set by Steve/Ichikawa.
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    Pretty good so far, keep it up!

    Avvy/Banner By: Ichikawa

    Made By: Tendou/Kenzaki
    Grandmother Said This: “When people love others they become weaker, but, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Because that is not true weakness. Only those who know weakness will become truly stronger.right? -Tendou

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    Thanks for reading, Mike! I hope you stay tuned. :happy
    Anyways, the original Ch.1 got lost when PRE shut down, so here's a new--and hopefully improved--version. Don't forget to comment!


    Chapter One: The New Threat

    Takumi Inui walked along the streets of Tokyo, his hands in his pockets. He enjoyed the light breeze on his face, and the sounds of the cars rushing by. His long reddish-brown hair was blown back in the wind and his eyes crinkled from the opposing gust.

    Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Slightly startled by the sudden ringing of his phone, Takumi started and stuck his hand in his pocket hurriedly. Opening up the Faiz Phone, he scratched his head and said, "Hello?"

    "Takumi," came a breathless female voice. It was Mari Sonoda, Takumi's best friend in the world. If a fateful day hadn't ended up in their meeting, Takumi would never have become a Kamen Rider and discovered his destiny. It had been Mari who'd cheered him on, believed in him through every tough moment. Hearing her voice warmed him up inside, but there was a sense of urgency to her greeting that caused Takumi to feel disconcerted.

    "What is it, Mari?" he asked, trying to push the concerned tinge out of his voice.

    "Keitaro...Keitaro..." She now sounded distraught, and over the line Takumi heard loud gasping sobs.

    "Mari!" Takumi called into his phone. "What's the matter?" He gripped the phone with both hands.

    "Keitaro...Keitaro's...dead..." Mari managed to gasp, then commenced sobbing once more. Takumi felt his grip on the Faiz Phone loosening; could it really be true? His other best friend, the happiest man in the world--Keitaro Kikuchi...dead?

    "Mari, it can't be," he told her. "I...I'll go look for him. Don't worry, I'll be back at the shop in a bit." He hung up and put the phone back in his pocket. A hot tear squeezed itself out of Takumi's eye and made its weary trek down his cheek.

    Keitaro...I'll definitely find you!


    "Sensei, what was that thing?" Shane demanded, nursing his wrist tenderly. He was slowly clenching and unclenching his fist, anger traveling up and down his throbbing veins. Tori was pacing around Ninja Ops, grinding a fist into her hand. Dustin was sitting in a corner quietly, eating a Pop-Tart.

    "As of yet, we still have not confirmed its identity," Sensei Kanoi Watanabe told him. "Cam is feverishly working on it, but cannot find it." As if on cue, Cam Watanabe came up the stairs, looking weary.

    "Did you find anything?" asked Tori, pacing over. Her sleek blond hair swished and rippled as she leaned down to look Cam in the eyes.

    Cam took off his glasses, rubbing his eyes. They were slightly red from all his work on the computer. "I didn't find anything," he admitted, leaning back. "I'll try again in a little bit."

    "What'll we do?" Shane wondered aloud. "That thing's out there, terrorizing the city. You know what? I'm not gonna sit here and not do anything. I have a duty to save the city of Blue Bay Harbor." He got up, ignoring the pain shooting up his arm and stormed out of Ninja Ops.

    Tori and Dustin got up and followed, but were stopped by Sensei. "Tori, Dustin. Let him go, alone."

    "Mmmmf fenfffey...iffff our fffffonffff mfoo," said Dustin, little bits of Pop-Tart flying out of his mouth and hitting Cam, who brushed them off in disgust.

    "What was that, Dustin?" Sensei asked patiently, tapping his walking-stick.

    Dustin swallowed and said, "But's your responsibility too. I mean, we've gotta fight, right by Shane. We're Rangers too." Tori nodded in agreement and folded her arms.

    "I know, but Shane must learn this one lesson for himself." With that said, Sensei retreated to his den and didn't come back out.

    "Let's just leave it at that," Cam told the blue and yellow rangers, throwing up his arms in defeat. "My father always has a method to his madness."


    Deep in the suburbs of Tokyo, giant footprints formed a trail toward a nearby hill. There were indented knuckle-prints slammed into the sidewalk, leaving permanent marks that anyone could follow. If that was not tell-tale enough, there was arbitrary grey fur scattered about the tracks.

    These all led to a tree atop the hill, from which was hanging a young man in his late-twenties. He had short-cropped black hair and a serene, collected face that always had a happy expression on it. He was wearing a tattered leather jacket, which now looked like rags as though it had just survived a contained explosion. The young man opened his eyes and promptly fell out of the tree.

    Rubbing his head, he suddenly became confused. "How did I..." Then, a flash of memories rushed back to him. His motorcycle flew away to one side...the impact of the eighteen-wheeler...waking up with a massive headache...a strange stretching feeling...suddenly feeling large and powerful...running on his hands, his knuckles slapping the pavement...climbing into the tree... Keitaro's eyes snapped open. "Oh, no..."

    "Keitaro!" came a terse exclamation. The man turned to see Takumi sliding off his Auto-Vajin motorcycle and jogging toward him. Keitaro scratched the back of his head and felt slightly guilty.

    Takumi grabbed him by the collar. "Keitaro, where have you been? Mari thought you were dead! What have you been up to?"

    "Well, you see, Tak-kun..." Keitaro stammered.

    A suave female voice answered for him. "He was too busy becoming my master's instrument." Takumi and Keitaro both turned; from behind the tree emerged a tall, dangerously beautiful woman with a venomous look on her face. Saeko Kageyama smiled and continued, "You'll kindly hand him over, won't you, Faiz?" She glared at Takumi.

    Takumi wasn't intimidated. He let go of Keitaro and stepped in front of his friend. "So, you're still alive, eh?" He took off his trenchcoat, revealing a large silver belt strapped around his waist. "Well, so am I." He flipped open the Faiz Phone and entered 5-5-5. "Henshin," Takumi declared, slamming the phone down into his belt. Red photon lines wound around his body, weaving and connecting. A light shone forth, and out stepped Kamen Rider Faiz.

    Takumi flicked his wrist and said, "Keitaro, watch out." He crouched into position and faced Saeko. "There's still time to leave, Kageyama."

    Saeko snorted. "Not a chance." She lifted her hand, obscuring her face for a moment. Then, grey flesh lines forming all over her body, she became an Orphenoch--Lobster Orphenoch. Her thin, long rapier materialized in her hand. With a piercing battle cry, she rushed at Faiz.

    Takumi sidestepped, causing Saeko to miss and stumble. He then dealt her a hefty kick to her backside, causing her to tumble down the hill. He took a device resembling a telescope from his belt and attached it to his leg. Opening his phone and pressing 'Enter', he crouched lower as his belt declared, "EXCEED CHARGE." Faiz then leapt into the air, extending his legs toward Lobster Orphenoch. A red beam shot down toward the monster, forming a red target, toward which the Rider descended.

    Saeko began to breath rapidly. Faiz kept coming closer... In a last stroke of desperation, she slashed at the target with her blade. The target shattered, and Saeko stumbled away, injuried in body and pride.

    Takumi landed softly on the gently rippling grass. Taking the phone out of his belt, he de-transformed, the red photon lines receding back into the belt. He then turned to Keitaro and promptly asked, "So...what have you been up to?"


    Well, there's Chapter One! Tell me what you thought.

    Oh, and here's a little clip from Kamen Rider 555, for visual people who haven't yet experienced the greatness that is Faiz.

    Set by Steve/Ichikawa.
    Grandmother said this: "Justice is Myself."

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