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Hi Guys!

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As most of you guys already know, I was offline again for awhile. This was due to personal issues. Yes, my family and I are fine. Well, despite our car being in the shop again. It broke down last Friday when we were returning from Sheetz(getting some dinner). Anyway, its all worked out now so we're back online. I will be around when I'm not busy.
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  1. darkranger278's Avatar
    hi there.
  2. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Hi there.
  3. darkranger278's Avatar
    I'm Dark Ranger a new member of the site for either a couple of weeks or a month.
  4. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Ah okay. I'm Vicki. I use to go by Hailey Hartford.
  5. darkranger278's Avatar
    Cool wait real name or fictional name?
  6. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Vicki is my real name.
  7. darkranger278's Avatar
    Cool my real name is Alex.
  8. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    Hi Alex. Nice to meet you.
  9. darkranger278's Avatar
    Nice to meet you too.
  10. Ms. Katie Wallace "Chosen One"'s Avatar
    I am so sorry to respond back to you. I am so glad that you and your family are doing fine. I am so sorry to hear about the car. I hope it get fix soon.
  11. Jordan Cullen's Avatar
    HI Katie! We got our car back fixed the other day. If it breaks down again we will be making a deal to get a new one.