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    PR: Heroes of the Grid

    Hello fellow Visionaries!

    I just wanted to post this thread to encourage everyone to check out Power Rangers : Heroes of the Grid, an awesome cooperative board game from Renegade Games.

    The base game costs $90 US and includes quality miniatures of the 5 MMPR Rangers, Rita Repulsa, Pudgy Pig, Madame Woe, Bones, and Knasty Knight. 12 Putties and 12 Super Putties are also included. It also includes all needed game boards (based on the Command Center and locations around Angel Grove) and decks of cards for each character.

    Players play the cooperatively game as the rangers, moving to different areas of the city to defend it against putties, monsters, and Rita who are deployed using a preset deck of cards.

    There are tons of expansions available as well, including:

    • Shattered Grid
    • Zeo Ranger Pack
    • Legendary Ranger Tommy Oliver Pack
    • Ranger Allies Pack #1
    • Bulk & Skull Character Pack
    • Megazord, Cyclopsis, and Mega Goldar Deluxe Figures
    • Foot Soilder Pack
    • Villain Pack #1 [Includes Master Ville, Rito Revolto, and 2 monsters]
    • CURRENTLY ON KICKSTARTER - Psycho Rangers Pack (includes all 5 Space Rangers)
    • CURRENTLY ON KICKSTARTER - Villain Pack 2 [Machine Empire]

    Check Out the KICKSTARTER -

    Purchase Current Items Here -
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    I haven't gotten the game yet, but I hope to get it soon. For those who have it, how was it?

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