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    RV Favicon Power Rangers: Cybernetic Guardians

    Hello everyone. Before we begin, I do apologize for keep writing a fan fiction and then deleting it because I didn't know where it was going. This fan fiction I have written before but on Wattpad. I loved it until the ending and then got depressed and deleted it. I know where I am going with this one and have changed the ending. I have also changed a bit of the story. It's the same premise for the ones who read it on Wattpad, but I changed it a bit to keep it a bit fresh. This fan fiction was inspired by the show Reboot: The Guardian Code and of course, Gridman (Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad). Hope you enjoy. Also, this will lead to another Power Ranger fan fiction.

    Due to this fan fiction and the direction I'm going to take it, it's rated R due to language, violence, and sexuality. Also, I'm including a minor in here and as a disclaimer, they won't have a romantic relationship with anyone. He is in my story to hopefully add a little character to my fan fiction. If this all bothers you, you don't have to read this. If you do read this, I hope you enjoy it.


    Main Characters:
    * I apologize for the sizes of these pictures, not being even. *


    Plan Rathavit Kijworalak as Max

    Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn as Victor Ngein

    Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Angel

    M Phurin Ruangvivatjarus as Travis

    Samantha Melanie Coates as Bonnie

    download (1).jpg

    Achi Achirapol Jinapanyo as "Petey"

    Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan as Trevor

    Yacht Surat Permpoonsavat as Miles

    Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant as RAVI


    download (2).jpg

    (from top to bottom, left to right)
    Est Ravipon Sangaworawong as Veejay Ngein
    Mix Sahaphap Wongratch as Professor Dome Makayl
    Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as FBI Agent Pavel Makayl
    Um Apasiri Nitibhon as Angel's mother
    Koi Tarika Thidathit as Max and Petey's grandmother
    Ton Jakkrit Ammarat as Mr. Ngein (Victor and Veejay's father)
    Am Chonwari Chutiwatkhotrachai as Dean of Engineering, Mrs. Vayu

    ~ 1 ~


    Kaownah Kittipat Kaewcharoen as FBI Agent Sol

    Yuuki Durongsang as Dr. Petch

    "Damn it!" FBI Agent Pavel slammed the phone, causing a commotion.

    Another FBI agent rushed in.

    "Having trouble with your husband?" the agent asked, jokingly.

    "No!" Pavel shouted, but then realized who it was and lowered his voice, "Sorry Sol. It's this damn Dark Network. I thought I had a lead on this thing and then it vanished. Sometimes I feel as though this Dark Network has a mine of its own but that's impossible. It's a computer program designed by probably a genius that thinks they are god or something."

    "Relax Pavel," Sol said, coming over and patting him on the back, "You'll solve this case."

    "Thanks," Pavel said, turning toward Sol, "Hey, anyway, how is your debt going?"

    "It's getting better thanks to you and your husband," Sol said, "Thanks for letting me borrow $1000. I will pay you guys back once I get my debt paid."

    "No problem," Pavel said, smiling at Sol.

    Both Sol and Pavel have been best friends for a while. Also, they became FBI agents at the same time. Sol was Pavel's best man for Pavel's wedding with his husband. They have been through thick and thin. Sol helped Pavel out when his husband was extremely sick. There is nothing that could break up their friendship. Sol, however, ran into problem with medical bills, when he got sick and the bills kept piling up after that.

    Pavel received another phone call, and Sol left to let him deal with the call, since he, himself had work as well. He had to figure out this Dark Network's plan. Sol had been working with Pavel for a while to find out the cause of this Dark Network and what it wants. Sol's been tracking this more than Pavel and really want to eliminate this threat.

    "Sol!" Pavel came running out of his office, as Sol was heading for his.

    "What is it?" Sol asked, looking over to him.

    "I just got word that computers are being hacked at the Great National Bank," Pavel said.

    "That is the fifth bank this week!" Sol exclaimed, "What is this thing after?"

    "I'm sure the hackers want money," Pavel said.

    "If the hackers want money, we can locate the hackers by the money they still," Sol said.

    "I know," Pavel said, "but somehow the money gets replaced by different money. Like I said, this Dark Network has a mind of its own."

    "Don't worry, Pavel," Sol reassured him, "We'll catch this Dark Network and destroy it."

    At another part of town, a young man was waking up next to his boyfriend.

    "Good more Travis," the young man said, "How did you sleep?"

    "I slept okay," Travis said, "How did my Angel sleep?"

    "Wonderful," he said, "Thank you for recommending we go to that expensive restaurant for a date last night."

    "Well thank you for paying for it," Travis said.

    "How about a kiss?" the young man asked, wanting to embrace his boyfriend.

    "Not now, Angel," Travis said, "Morning breath and I have class to attend to."

    Travis got up and went to go into the bathroom, leaving Angel in bed with sparkling in his eyes for Travis. Both Travis and Angel have been dating for a few weeks now. Angel was registering for classes when he bumped into Travis. At first, Angel thought that Travis would beat him up. He looked like rugged but found out that Travis had a crush on him for a while. Travis always lived by Angel and saw him every day but never had the courage to ask him out. At first, Angel was hesitant but with Travis being persistent, he started to go out with him.

    Going out with Travis is a bit of a tricky situation, Angel's friends would think. Out of the weeks they have been going out, Travis has never bought anything for Angel. Angel has always been the one to pay for things. When they are in bed together, Travis doesn't even cuddle with him. Travis gives a peck on the cheek and then turns over to go to bed. Angel's friends are worried that Angel doesn't see that Travis is just using him for his money.

    Angel is a billionaire but doesn't like to flaunt his money. His mother is a phenomenally successful woman, and her money is Angel's money. Now, Angel is not a snob. Even though he is a billionaire, he still works. The work he does is so he could be better at being a human being. Angel works at a coffee shop.

    "Baby, could you pass me a towel?" Travis said, calling out from the bathroom.

    "Coming, baby," Angel said, heading to the closet to give him boyfriend a towel.

    "Thanks," Travis smiled at Angel, grabbing the towel and slamming the door.

    Angel smiled and went to start making breakfast. Angel lives in a high expensive condo. He lived with his mother but wanted to get his own place since it is closer to the college he goes to. When he met Travis, Travis has been crashing with him every night. Angel thinks nothing of it since this is the first relationship Angel has been in, and he's just so happy. He feels Travis really appreciates all the things he does for him.

    While Angel was making breakfast, over in another part of town a young man was trying to get his brother to wake up.

    "Grandma said to wake up!" the young man shouted, kneeling over his brother, shaking him.

    "Come on Petey," the young man moaned, "just give me five more minutes."

    "Max, I gave you ten minutes already!" Petey shouted, "Grandma said, you better get your butt up from bed now or she is throwing away your game consoles and video games."

    "What?!" Max shouted, sitting straight up from bed, "She can't do that!"

    "She told me she can," Petey said, "She said that, and I quote, 'if it weren't for those damn games, Max would be a straight A student by now.'"

    "I get good grades," Max said.

    "Not good enough," an elderly woman said, outside the room, "Come on Max! You are going to be late for classes and you still have to drop your little brother off at school."

    "Yes, grandma!" Max said, getting up quickly, getting his clothes.

    Petey started smirking at how quickly his brother was going.

    Both Max and Petey or Peter for proper naming him, have lived with their grandmother for a while now. Both Max and Petey's parents went missing a couple years ago and the grandmother has been taking care of them ever since. Max is old enough to live on his own, but mature enough, no. Petey is only in middle school. Both boys live different lives. Max is a college student who gets alright grades, but his grandmother thinks he can do much better if he applies more into his school work, then video games. Petey is the opposite. He loves video games, but he understands the importance of getting good grades. He hopes to become a doctor one day.

    Max got ready for school, while Petey just waited for him by the car. In a few minutes, Max was ready to go. They both got into the car and their grandmother waved to them, smiling, and shaking her head, thinking her grandson is something else. On their way to school, Max put on some Monsta X in the car. Both boys could agree that Monsta X's music was incredible. They were both singing their hearts out to the song Hero.

    There was a hospital nearby where a young man, dressed prim and proper was waiting out in the waiting room. He was hanging on to his school bag for dear life. Everyone around him saw how anxious he looked and talked amongst themselves about him. He heard their whispers.

    "Isn't that the kid who got a woman pregnant and then left her?" a woman asked another woman.

    "Yeah, but it turned out to be not his child," the other woman said.

    "It's still a pity that he would leave a born girl with her baby," the woman said, shaking his head.

    The young man just turned and gave a cold stare at the ladies who noticed him. They immediately stopped talking and looked away. He was about to say something, just then a doctor came out.

    "Mr. Ngein?" the doctor asked.

    The young man stood up and walked over to the doctor.

    "I'm Mr. Ngein," he said, "How's my mother, Doctor Petch?"

    The doctor sighed and put his hand on the young man's shoulder.

    "I'm sorry to tell you this, but your mother didn't make it," Doctor Petch said, giving the young man the bad news.

    The young man knocked away the man's arm and looked angry.

    "What do you mean 'she didn't make it'?" the young man asked, almost tearing up.

    "I'm sorry, but we did the best we could for her," Doctor Petch said, trying to reassure him.

    "But you didn't!" the young man started to shout, "You are supposed to be the best doctor. That is why I had to come in and save my mother."

    "I'm sorry, there is nothing more than I can do, Victor," Doctor Petch said, "We'll let you set up arrangements for a funeral and all the arrangements."

    The doctor walked away while Victor was holding on to his bag until it tore.

    "I'll get even for not saving the only person in my life to ever love me," Victor threaten, over his breath.

    He had to arrange everything for a funeral, since his older brother didn't really show any remorse for their mother dying and his father couldn't care since he was having an affair with his secretary. He was so upset. He had to not go to school that day due to this emotional heartbreak he was feeling. He had so much to do to arrange for a funeral and get things in order. He also wanted to get revenge to Doctor Petch for not saving his mother.

    While Victor was doing that, everyone else was going with their day as planned. Two new guys entered school. Their names were Trevor and Miles. Miles was slightly shorter than average height with black hair. He made me shorter than average, but he looked like he didn't take any crap from anyone. He had rough hands, but they were strong. His friend, Miles was tall with brownish dark hair and big eyes. He had a big mouth that went with his eyes. His mouth was foul, but he hated bullies. Both Miles and Trevor have been friends for years and entering the new college a little bit late due to some scheduling problems with the computers, but they made it safely.

    Max had dropped off his younger brother and had met up with Angel, Trevor, and their friend Bonnie. Bonnie was a free-spirited woman who loved life. She was a big romantic and wants everyone to find their special love whether it is a man and woman, man and man, or a woman and woman. She just wasn't too keen on Angel and Travis being together. She didn't like Travis at all, and it seems sometimes she makes that clear, but she doesn't go too far because she doesn't want to hurt her friend Angel, but on the other end, she doesn't want to see Angel get hurt, either.

    They were walking when Trevor and Miles walked by. Trevor took one look at the young man Angel and his eyes widen. He never saw a young man so cute before. He was about to say something when Travis noticed him and wrapped his arms around Angel and gave him a peck on the cheek, looking at the young man. Angel didn't think nothing of it and thought it was cute. Max and Bonnie thought it was weird, but Bonnie looked and saw a young man walking along with another young man. Instantly, her "gaydar" was going off with the young man with black hair and thought he would be a perfect match for Angel. She didn't even know the young man but knew he was a perfect match, and she usually is always right about these things.

    "Hello," Bonnie said, reaching out her hand to the young men, "My name is Bonnie."

    "Hello Bonnie," Trevor said, "My name is Trevor, and this is my friend Miles."

    "Are you brand new here?" Bonnie asked, "Yes, we just transferred here. There was something wrong with the computers."

    "Well welcome to our school," Bonnie said, "Like I said my name is Bonnie, and this young man with the cute smile is Angel..."

    She pulled him aside from his boyfriend, hurting Trevor's arm a bit, and pushed Angel up front so Trevor could see.

    "This is Max," Bonnie continued patting on Max's shoulder who waved, "and there is Angel's boyfriend, Travis."

    She didn't really give any energy in introducing Travis to Trevor and Miles. Miles stepped up and took Bonnie's hand.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you Bonnie," Miles said, giving her hand a kiss but seriously got an eye roll from Trevor.

    "You do this to every girl, Miles," Trevor said, rolling his eyes.

    "I do not!" Miles snapped back.

    Trevor was about to say something when Petey came running toward his brother Max.

    "Petey!" Max shouted, "Why aren't you in school?"

    "The computers started to go haywire and so they sent us out early," Petey said.

    "Haywire?" Angel asked, "Now that you mention it, wasn't the computer system going crazy at the National Bank? I heard it on the news today."

    "Hun, I'm quite sure it’s a fluke," Travis said, pulling his boyfriend back, still looking at Trevor.

    As they were talking about it, a security camera from across the way had turned to watch them, zooming in on them. An electric current came out of the camera and fired at the group of people. They all felt a tingle and disappeared from the school yard. Luckily, no one was around to see them. All the young guys felt them traveling through what looked like a tunnel. They each came out of a computer and was in front of a young man.

    "Hello, my humans," he said, very strangely, "I am a Radical Artificial Virtual Intelligent Assistant and I need your help."

    Everyone looked at each other with puzzling looks. They looked around and noticed they were in a high-tech room. There were computer screens all over the place and sound systems were set up in the walls. There were black lights everywhere as well and the floor looked almost like marble.

    "This room is SWEET!" Max exclaimed looking at the many screens around.

    "Where are we?" Trevor asked, looking around.

    "You are in a secret, high tech room here at the college," the young man said, "I am a robot here to assist you in defeating The Dark Network."

    "Whoa, whoa, Dark what?" Bonnie asked, looking confused.

    "The Dark Network," the young man stated, "are highly evolved computer viruses bent on corrupted the digital world and bring chaos to this world."

    "So all the computer problems going on lately weren't glitches?" Angel asked.

    "That's correct Angel," the young man said.

    "How do you know my name?" Angel asked.

    "I know all your names," the young man said, "as you entered into the virtual world, your information was given to me in my memory banks. I know your age, weight, date of birth, sexual orientation..."

    "Invasion of privacy," Travis said, a bit nervous.

    "Why so nervous, Travis?" Max asked, "Afraid that Radical Acritical Virtual Intelligence Assistant would know your criminal record."

    "I don't have a criminal record!" Travis shouted, nervously.

    "Enough!" Angel shouted, in a cute voice but enough to get the message across to stop.

    "Anyway, can we call you RAVIA for short or how about RAVI because RAVIA sounds like a girl's name?" Miles asked, with Trevor just rolling his eyes.

    "RAVI is okay," he said, smiling.

    "So, you are a robot?" Bonnie asked, looking RAVI over.

    "I'm a Radical Artificial Virtual Intelligent Assistant," he said, "I was created from the virtual world to assist you in the real world to battle The Dark Network. I was created to never leave this room and my sole purpose is to help you defeat The Dark Network."

    "You keep mentioning this Dark Network," Trevor said, "What is it, really?"

    "The Dark Network was created by an unknown source," RAVI started, "but the intelligent viruses broke free of their creator's grasp and have been running havoc on your world through the virtual world. I have called you here because I need your help in defeating them."

    As RAVI was talking, Petey was looking over at what looked like wrist devices.

    "Be careful, Petey," Max said, with one eye on Petey and the other listening to RAVI.

    Petey was just ignoring him and saw a device with a yellow gemstone in it. He grabbed for it. RAVI saw this and was about to say something but Petey put on the wrist device and a strange light flashed before their eyes. Petey got a pinch on his wrist. A voice called out from the device.

    "DNA confirmed," the voice said, "Yellow Cybernetic Guardian initiated."

    "What the hell did you do?" Max asked, shouting, "Usually, I'm the irresponsible one. You couldn't resist, could you?"

    "I'm sorry brother," Petey said, trying to take it off, "How do I take this off?"

    "You can't," RAVI said, "You are now the Yellow Cybernetic Guardian."

    "But RAVI," Max came over to him, pointing at his brother, "He is just a kid and what does it mean that he is a Cybernetic Guardian?"

    "He is one of the five to defend the virtual world from The Dark Network," RAVI said, "I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do. Once the DNA is set, you can't take off the Grid Acceptor. The only way it is taken off if Petey died."

    "Well there is no question," Max said, grabbing a Grid Acceptor with a red gem in it, "As much as Petey annoys me, I can't just let him fight this evil alone. I need to protect him."

    Without thinking, Max put on the Grid Acceptor and received a pinch, and there was a flash of light.

    "DNA confirmed," the voice called out again, "Red Cybernetic Guardian initiated. Leader of the Power Rangers Cybernetic Guardians."

    "LEADER????" Max asked, looking surprised, "Ahhhhhhh."

    "Max, as the leader?" Bonnie asked, smirking, "Well if he is the leader, then he needs help from me."

    Bonnie looked and saw a Grid Acceptor with a blue gem and thought that was pretty. She put the device on her wrist as well and received a pinch. A flash of light appeared, and the voice called out through the device again.

    "DNA confirmed. Blue Cybernetic Guardian initiated."

    Angel went over and without thinking grabbed the device with the white gem in it.

    "Well, I can't let my friends risk their lives," he said, "I'm afraid but I am joining too."

    He placed the device on his wrist and the device gave a slight pinch to him. A bright light occurred, and the voice called out:

    "DNA confirmed. White Cybernetic Guardian initiated. Second in command."

    "I'm second in command?" Angel asked, looking at the device.

    Every smiled. Travis made a half-ass smile to show his support as well.

    They noticed there was one Grid Acceptor left and it had a green gem in it.

    "Who's going to take the Grid Acceptor?" Bonnie asked.

    Trevor was heading toward it, and Travis saw this and he ran over stating that he didn't want his boyfriend to go in alone. Everyone knew that he was full of himself but Angel thought that was so sweet. Travis hesitated for a second before putting on the device. He eventually put it on and received a massive pinch. Instead of a light that was shone, sparks of electricity came out, hurting him, dropping him to the floor. But what got everyone confused was the voice that spoke, sounded different. It sounded more dark.

    "DNA confirmed," the voice boomed, "Bla...Green Cybernetic War...Guardian initiated."

    "Well that's weird," RAVI said, going to a computer screen, "Must be a malfunction somewhere."

    "Baby," Angel said, helping him up, "Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine!" Trevor, coldly stated, hitting away Angel's helping hand, hurting Angel.

    "Hey!" Trevor shouted, "Your boyfriend is trying to help you. Don't be a jerk to him."

    "Shut up!" Travis shouted, "He's my boyfriend. Not yours. I can do as I please to him."

    Angel didn't know what to say. He never saw this side of his boyfriend before and was a bit scared. He was afraid to stand up to him as well, so he just stayed silent. RAVI, however, pulled Miles aside to talk to him. Miles was looking surprised as what RAVI was saying. He couldn't believe the information that was being asked of him, and he had just met everyone. be continued
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